29 Things That Are Blue In Nature

Are you trying to find out things that are blue naturally? Then in this article, we will be providing you with a simple list of names of things associated with blue color. At the end of the article, we’ve tried to add a bonus list of items for you that comprises beautiful things that are light blue. Go through the list of these blue objects, flowers, birds, and more items’ names along with their description.

Things That are Naturally Blue

Blue is one of the three primary colours of pigments in painting and traditional color theory, as well as in the RGB color model. A variation of blue is purple which also contains many purple things in nature. Also, there are dark blue, sky blue, light blue, aqua colours available which are different variations of the primary color blue.

Below is the list of objects which are blue coloured in nature.



The first thing you see when you go outside of your house is “Sky”, also called “Celestial Dome”. These things that are blue are lies above the surface of the planet earth.


As we all know, most of the planet earth is covered by water. These things that are blue in nature covers almost 71% of the earth’s surface.


To be honest, not all humans eyes’ are blue, but we have to add this item to the list of blue things in nature because blue eyes are so beautiful and breathtaking. This is the human organ that provides vision so we can easily see what’s going on. Don’t forget you are reading this article with it.



This flowering plant concludes in the “Vaccinium” genus and comes in either blue or purple color. These things that are blue in color are commonly found in North America, Europe, and Asia.

Gas Fire

You would have probably noticed blue color associated with the stove because of the oxygen supply in flames. The more the oxygen supply, the more you see these flames to be blue in color. Fun Fact: In the past, these stoves fueled by wood and known as “Stew Stove“.

Blue Shark

These blue creatures like to live in deep waters of tropical oceans. They can migrate to different places from South America to New England because these things that are blue in nature prefer cold water. These blue sharks can live up to 20 years.

Blue-Ringed Octopus


The most venomous octopus you would find on planet earth likely to come in the list of things that are blue. These deadly creatures are includes in the “Hapalochlaena” genus.


There are many differences in calling this bird peacock or peafowl, but the important thing is that this bird checks our list of things that are naturally blue colored. Moreover, female peafowl called peahens.



This flowering plant is also known as the “Bachelor’s button” includes in the family of the “Asteraceae.” The problematic thing about these simple things that are blue is endangered because of the overusing of herbicides.


These birds conclude in the species of new world parrots. The most beautiful macaw has a blue colored back and gold-colored front. These species of parrots are near to extinction, that’s why experts are raising concerns about these exquisite birds’ conservation.

Sea Slug


These blue sea snails are not slugs but gastropods. Back then, these blue natural objects did have shells, but now they don’t have due to reduced internal shell. These small creatures do have small teeth called “Radulas”, and that’s also a reason why they are dangerous for predators.

Blue Pufferfish

These fish do have many names like balloon fish, bubble fish, globefish, and more. Most species of Tetraodontidae are toxic and known as most venomous fish in the sea.



These birds are also known as “Alcedinidae” as they are blue found in tropical regions like Asia, Africa. These birds are famous for their looks as they have large heads, short legs, and pointed tails.

Purple Potato

You would be amazed by the fact that there are probably more than 4000 varieties of potatoes available on our planet included purple potato. These type of things that are naturally blue easily found in the United Kingdom.

Himalayan Blue Poppy

An intelligence officer Frederick Marshman Bailey named this flower as Himalayan Blue Poppy because it’s associated with the color blue. The confusing part about this plant is it is only found in most regions of the United Kingdom.



These blue creatures come in “Tanager” family of birds, found in Mexico, and Brazil. The bird has a blue body with a combination of colorful legs and a short tail.

Humphead Wrasse

Humphead wrasse is just another name of Napolean fish found in Indian, and pacific ocean’s region. These blue creatures probably have the longest living age up to 30 years.

Also, check out things that are gray in nature.


You would probably recognize these flowers as “Daisy.”, as this plant has more than 32,000 species that vary in size and color. Most of these flowering plants are used as herbs.

Himalayan BlueTail


These small birds are commonly known as songbirds because of the characteristics of it. Moreover, Male blue tails are associated with blue color whereas females are associated with grey.


Another Macaw species that include in the list of things that are blue. These birds can be found in South America, and known as the largest parrot in the family of macaw.

ForgetMeNot (Mysotis)


Don’t confuse yourself with this name of a flowering plant, that falls under the family Boraginaceae. The name of this flowering plant comes from Ancient Greek as “Mouse’s Ear”.

Blue Starling

Another passerine bird that comes in the family of Sturnidae. The meaning of this Latin word Sturnidae is itself “starling”. These birds are generally found in Europe and North America.

Things that are Sky Blue

With the list of things that are blue, we’ve thought of adding some of the things that are light blue as a bonus for you guys. Go by the list and tell us what you think about it?


The flowering plant does come in the species of herbaceous thistle, falls under the family name of “Asteraceae” same as Aster flower. These flowers are found in Eastern Hemisphere, and the Middle East. People know this plant as “Bluets” or “Loggerheads” or “Knapweeds.”

Blue Jay


The name of blue jay is associated with the color light blue because of the color and size, generally found in the central United States, Canada. These blue creatures commonly look as small bird with a white chest and blue crest.


Many people know this flowering plant as Linseed, which is a genus of Linum. People do prefer to eat this plant for its nutrition, also this plant is used as linen to make bed sheets and clothes.

Veronica Flower


The largest genus plant in the family of Plantaginaceae. People generally knew this flowering plant by “Gypsyweed”, and “Bird’s Eye.”

Anemone Flower

This flowering plant comes in the list of families of Ranunculaceae. The appearance of the plant Anemone is that the leaves parted from the root of the plant.

Morning Glory

The plant includes in the family of “Convolvulaceae.” Morning glory’s name comes from the effects that turn the ability of this flower as per the sun’s exposure towards its leaves.

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We hope that this article gives you the answer to your question of what is blue in nature? Do tell us if you know any more things that are blue found in nature in the comment section below.

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