6 Perfect Dijon mustard Substitutes

Many people don’t know, but Dijon mustard comes from the Dijon town in France. They had the right to make this mustard in large quantities since the 17th century. Dijon mustard is easy to make, and the top ingredients of mustard are Brown Mustard Seeds, White Wine. So, the problem is when you want to eat this delicious dijon mustard, and you don’t have the rightful ingredients in your pantry to make it at home.

Although, you can find some dijon mustard substitute in your fridge. This article will help you to find a good alternative for dijon mustard that would not ruin your overall eating experience and which you can use in cooking as well as a replacement for salad dressing. Read the full article to get to know more about the details of the substitute for dijon mustard and how you can use it in with your meal. 

6 Substitutes or Replacements You can Use for Dijon Mustard

Yellow Mustard


So, your first option probably would be to use this mustard as a dijon mustard alternative. I feel you because it would be easily available in everyone’s fridge for sure. If you want to use yellow mustard as an alternative for dijon mustard in cooking, your choice is probably right, but it does not have that tanginess in it. Although, It does contain the creamy element of Dijon Mustard. 

Honey Mustard

People who want to prefer eating their meals sweeter than others can go with this alternative for Dijon Mustard. Moreover, honey mustard can be the best substitute for dijon mustard in salad dressing. Although, people choose to use honey mustard in the chicken-based recipes, to get the flavor of sweetness in their meal.

Spicy Brown Mustard

If you don’t know what is a good substitute for dijon mustard, then this one is going to impress you in terms of texture. Brown mustard made with some “Deli-Style”, that’s why it is spicer than authentic American mustard.

People usually have the question that can I substitute spicy brown mustard for dijon? Sure, you can if you are an exotic food connoisseur.


This is another dijon mustard alternative, spicy food lovers can use in their meals. It does contain more spiciness than Dijon, so you might have to control the quantity of wasabi. Unfortunately, it does not have that saucy feel to it if you are looking out in your dish for that.

Egg Yolks

One could use egg yolks as the alternative if they wanted to add dijon mustard while cooking their food. Generally, people use dijon mustard to combine water and oil, but if you haven’t got that in your pantry then Egg Yolks can be a good replacement for Dijon Mustard.


This dijon mustard substitute is for the people who don’t like to eat spicy food at all. With mayonnaise, you are not missing out much because of the vinegar, it does contain the same tanginess. Try this one when you don’t want to eat spicily and try something different.

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We hope this article will help you to answer your question about what is perfect dijon mustard substitute. Tell us your experience with these alternatives, and feel free to ask more about your queries in the comment section below.

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