20+ Foods that Start with J

It can be a fun little game to guess which foods name starts with which letter. Today we have come up with foods starting with the letter J. In this list of foods that start with J, we have included fruits, vegetables, snacks, healthy foods, and even drinks that begin with J. Though there are fewer recipes that start with J, we have tried to include all of them.

Foods beginning with the Letter J



It is a medium size of chili pepper that is known for its spices that reads the Scoville heat units between 3500 to 8000. These vegetables that start with j can be consumed while these are green. For the people who don’t know about Scoville, It is just a measurement of the spice level in various chilies. 



A sandwich made with ham and baguette which is quite famous in France, as that is 3 million of these sandwiches are sold in just one day. This food that begins with j made with bread, ham, butter, cheese spread. 



It is a fruit preserve that can be made possible with sugar and acid ingredients stored in glass jars and mostly used as a spread. The preparation method does change for people to people but the taste of sweetness would be the same. This food that starts with the letter j can go along with the savory food items like cheese, curries, cold meat as well.



The tree of this particular food is also known as Jacktree which only cultivates in the tropical regions of the world. These fruits that start with j goes up to 55 KG (120 pounds) in weight. These fruits are commonly used in the cuisines of Southeast Asia. 



It is a fruit that is black, or purple colored which grows in the Brazilian grape tree. As the name suggests the trees are cultivated only in the country of brazil. These fruits look exactly like grapes and could be eaten ripe also.



A famous dish that includes meat with rice and vegetables and famous. The influence of this dish is based on three countries Spain, France, And Africa. This food that begins with j does mostly contains smoked meat with vegetables like okra, carrots, tomatoes, garlic in it.



The name of Java is also referred to as Java coffee bean as well as Java Coffee beverage. Java coffee beverage is made famous because of the usage of these Indonesian java beans in it that consists of sweet aroma with a distinct flavor.

Japanese Plum


These fruits are mainly used to make juices, as well as a flavoring for making alcohol. Some people consider using these plums to make pickles and sauces also. The tree of these fruits is known also as Japanese plum, and the flowers of this tree are known as plum blossoms.



A round hard candy, that is also known as Gobstoppers. The name of these candies is related to slang “gob” from the United Kingdom, which means the Mouth. These little round candies are hard layered, that tops up with another layer. 



One type of gelatin dessert that is the signature of the brand registered under Kraft Heinz. However, the original jello was made by Le Roy in 1897. These desserts come in the powder form which consumers have to add hot water to dissolve it. This jello is made with fruit preserves that elaborate its taste.



The lean cuts of beef meat that is trimmed to make stips of it. After making strips, these meat cuts are dried to prevent spoilage. While drying these mear stripes, salt plays an important role in preventing bacteria from it. 

Jerusalem Artichoke

This is another species of sunflower that is also known as sunroom or sunchoke which is native to North America. These artichokes are also used as a form of root vegetables. These vegetables that start with j has no relationship with Jerusalem despite having the name of it.


Another type os gelatin desserts that made with flavored gelatin products. This dessert was first made and discovered by Hannah Glasse in her 18th-century book “The Art Of Cookery.”



A dessert that was made with spreading jelly on the surface of sponge cake then rolled into a jellyroll. People do add frosting on the sides of this jellyroll to make it more creamy.


It is a flatbread made out of cornmeal. This johnnycake is considered as the early staple food of American people and originates from the people of North America. You can easily found this johnnycake in England where people believe that it is originated from Rhode Island.


Small pieces of sprinkles that mainly used for decorative purposes on desserts like cupcakes, brownies, doughnuts, and more. These small wonders are made with various colors and used in toppings for ice cream.

Jordan Almond

Small candies with a hard outer shell which is used as also decorative purpose, also known as koufeta are some parts of the world. These candies are also used to give favors in Italian weddings to represent wealth, health, longevity, happiness, fertility.


Another type of apples that consists of tough skin with acidic flavor in it. Although, these apples are good for your health if eaten fresh, also used in making delicious desserts.


It is a type of rice porridge that is mostly served with side dishes. This dish is a savior and considered a good meal for the ill people, as it consists of all the nutrition elements in it.


An alcoholic drink is made with bourbon, water, sugar, ice, and mint. With the addition of bourbon, this cocktail is connected with the people of South America.


Any liquid that made with extracted fruits, plants, vegetables, by squeezing. People do make broths and use it as juice by cooking these above food items.



It is a genus that consists of another 20 species of leaved-shrubs with a small tree that includes in the Rosaceae family. These plants were cultivated in North America, and Canda as well.


A technique that refers to cut the food items in the long strips, also known as a French cut. This technique uses a normal culinary knife to make strips that replicate the thickness of matchsticks. 



A dried fruit that is a part of species of Ziziphus in the Rhamnaceae family, also known as red date, or Chinese date. These fruits that start with j are consumed as a snack with beverages like coffee and tea. These dried little fruits are also used to make pickles in India, and Bangladesh.


The simplest cookies that you can make your own with flour, eggs, sugar, with caraway seeds for flavoring. These foods that start with j were made formerly in the shape of rings or rolls. The most interesting part about these cookies is that it can be stored for longer than a year before becoming stale. 



A dessert made with milk and rennet, also known as Curds and Whey from the old cookbooks. This food that starts with the letter j connected with France, where it was drained from curdled cream. The name of this dessert comes from jonches that is fresh milk cheese drained in a basket. 

These were all the foods that start with J on our list. We hope we didn’t miss out on any important food, vegetable, snacks, or drink. For all other foods on our list, check out our foods category.

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