20+ Foods That Start With M

In a world where there are so many food items, recipes with unique names. We are in search of finding food items, recipes, vegetables, snacks, drinks, and more with a certain alphabetic letter. It is a great thing to know about various food that starts with the letter M. I know, you are getting the question in your head about What healthy and tasty foods start with the letter M?

Don’t worry, we have researched a lot of foods that start with M and formed a list of food items. Read below and get knowledge about food that starts with the letter M.

Foods starting with letter M


The animal flesh that can be eaten as meat that starts with m. Humans are hunting animals for using it as a food source since the prehistoric age.



This meat item that starts with m is just ground meat rolled into balls with including other ingredients. However, people like to use their version of the recipe for making meatballs. There is a general conception about the recipe of meatballs is it comes from Italy but that is not true. The recipe for meatballs comes from a Chinese recipe “Four Joy Meatballs.”


A special kind of grapes that are mostly used to make varietal wines. These grapes are also one of the most popular ingredients used in making red wines.


It is the dairy item that is white, rich in nutrients, and comes through the glands of mammals. This white drink consists of protein as well as lactose, which is very important for new-born babies that are the reason for breastfeeding.



A fruit base preserve made from the juice and peel of citrus fruits after boiling in water with sugar. These items that start with mostly made from bitter orange but sometimes also from lemons, limes, grapes, and more.


A spread used for mostly flavoring, baking, as well as cooking. Originally these items were made from butterfat of milk but now margarine makers are using vegetable oil and water to give that thick surface to it.



It is an edible fruit that comes in the Anacardiaceae family and originated from South Asia. This food beginning with M comes in a different size, shape, sweetness, and color. Moreover, It is the national fruit of India, and the Philippines.

Mandarin Orange

A fruit that resembles oranges that can be eaten as plain or in the salads. These foods that start with the letter m are less sour and extra sweeter in terms of the taste. If we look at the size of these oranges then, these are smaller than normal oranges and grows only in tropical areas. 


A piece of meat that is shaped in as a loaf combining with other ingredients and making the dish with either smoking technique or baking. This meat that starts with m usually made from ground beef, but people also use lamb, pork, seafood, types of meat, and more.



A sweet, edible, fruit that comes under the family of Cucurbitaceae. However, these juicy and fleshy melons are one kind of big berries.


It is a flowering plant that starts with M and includes in the Labiatae family of plants. These plants are commonly aromatic and used in making various herbs and condiments. These plants are cultivated because of ease of it.


A chocolate-flavored beverage made with milk and chocolate flavoring, also known as mochaccino. In simple terms, this drink is just another form of hot chocolate with espresso added. 



This is just another name for pelagic fish species, that can be found in tropical areas and temperate areas near the coast or offshore. These items that start with m can be eaten as food items as a great protein gainer for people.


It is a cold meal dish that is eaten as breakfast includes ingredients like rolled oats, grains, nuts, seeds, dried fruits, and more after adding dairy-based liquids like milk or almond milk. This food item that starts with the letter m created around 1900 by a Swiss physician named Maximilian Bircher-Benner.


It is just another type of meat that comes from sheep. The name of these meat items does change as per the age of the sheep As it is known as lamb meat in the first year, then hogget, and then mutton in the second and third year respectively.



These vegetables that start with m is one type of fungus that is produced above the ground, also known as a toadstool. Some of the mushrooms are edibles and some do contain poison in it. These vegetables were defined during the 15 century.


A condiment that is produced from the seeds of that plant itself. These seeds are generally mixed with liquids like water, vinegar, lemon juice, and sometimes wine. This condiment that starts with m is generally consumed with sandwiches and hamburgers.


It is one type of pasta made with wheat and shaped like narrow tubes. This type of dry pasta is also known as elbow macaroni, as the name comes from Italy. 



One type of Italian cheese is specially made from buffalo’s milk using the pasta filata technique. This cheese starting with m is generally colored as white if it is fresh and can turn a little yellow after some time. The name of this cheese has arrived from the famous Neapolitan dialect.


It is a seeded grass that is known as cereal crops around the world, can be eaten as a food item. This millet crop can only be grown under dry and high-temperature areas like in countries like India, and Nigeria. This crop goes back a long way as about 7000 years of taking as a food item in human history.

That ends our list of foods, drinks, vegetables and fruits beginning with M, we hope that this article solves your question about finding various food items. If you know any more food items other than the above list, type it out in the comment section below. Do tell us if you have any questions or suggestions in the comment section below. Keep Searching, Keep Learning : )

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