20+ Foods That Start With V

It can be a fun little game to guess which foods name starts with which letter. Today we have come up with foods starting with the letter V. In this list of foods that start with V, we have included fruits, vegetables, snacks, healthy foods, and even drinks that begin with V. Though there are fewer recipes that start with V, we have tried to include all of them.

Foods beginning with the Letter V


It is a clear, transparent alcoholic drink that originates from Poland as well as Russia. These beverages are normally made with water and ethanol, but people do consider drinking flavored ones. 

Vermont’s Cheddar Cheese

Vermont's Cheddar Cheese

One type of cheese that is hard compared to normal cheese, the color of this food item is generally off-white. These foods that start with v considered as the most famous and used cheese in the United Kingdom, and the second most popular cheese in the United States Of America. 


It is a puff-pastry that is made by cutting two circles in it and then filled with a savory or sweet filling based on the preferences. The name of this food beginning with v credited to Antonin Careme.



In ancient times, this term means the meat of a quarry but now it’s changed to the meat of a deer. The word “Venison” is derived from the Latin language meaning “Hunt.”

Vanilla Extract

A solution made from vanilla seeds and beans with adding ethanol and water elements in it. These extracts are a great way to add flavor to baked food items like cakes, cookies, brownies, and more.

Vienna Sausage

It is a thin boiled sausage made out of pork or beef, and special things about these sausages are the technique of slow cooking it. The recipe, ingredients, and method of preparation may vary per country.



A healthy thick soup made with boiled leeks, cream, potatoes, onions, chicken stock. This food that begins with v conceivably eaten as cold but many people prefer it to drink as a hot soup.

Vanilla Ice Cream

An ice cream that is based on the flavor of vanilla, made with cream, and sugar. The flavor of vanilla ice cream may differ as per the location, as people of North America likes to eat a smoky flavor. Whereas, people of Ireland want to have a more anise-like flavor.



It is a liquid solution made out of acidic acid to add flavoring in the recipes, as it contains a low volume of an acid such as 5-8% in it.


The meat of young domestic cows(calves), expensive than beef. There are various types of veals are available based on the size of the cattle.

These foods that start with the letter v considered as an important ingredient in Italian, French cuisines.

Vegetable Juice

A liquid form of juice that comes from squeezing vegetables, very nutritious for the human body. These vegetables that start with v are the natural source of protein for vegetarian people.

Vermicelli Noodles

Vermicelli Noodles

It is a thin form of noodles made out of rice, known as rice noodles or rice sticks. These noodles are the main part of Asian cuisine.


A highly acidic juice made with squeezing grapes (Unripe), crab apples, mostly sour fruits. Sometimes people add various seasonings such as herbs, spices in the juice to give it a distinct flavor.

Vada Pav



A vegetarian fast food item originated from India. These snacks that start with v consists of deep-fried potato dumpling placed in a fried bun. This fast food item perhaps ate with various tangy, spicy chutneys.

Vegetable Spaghetti

These big fruits belong to the group of the Cucurbita pepo family, which varies in shape, size, and color. This fruit that starts with the letter v is easy to grow in gardens, also known as spaghetti squash.


It is a Sanskrit word that refers to any plant, vegetable all around the world. Although, this word doesn’t refer to any flowers whatsoever.



A curry dish native to India that is based on the famous Portuguese dish Carne De Vinha. This dish is considered as the staple food dish for the British Indians.


It is a wine that is famous for its aroma and unique flavor of the various botanicals. This wine is first made in the late 18th century in Italy. Back then, it was only used as a medicine. It can also replace the white wine for cooking purposes.

Valerian Tea

Valerian Tea

A tea that is made with the usage of a perennial plant known as Valerian. This flowering plant is native to Asia, and Europe. Although, this beverage can have sedative effects on your body.

Velvet Beans

It is a tropical legume that is cultivated from tropical areas of Africa and India. This plant does have importance in the agricultural areas and is used in herbalism. 

Vanilla Beans

Vanilla Beans

These vanilla beans are produced from the vanilla spice that derives from its own orchids. This plant does have vines that make per vine 50 to 100 vanilla beans. After harvesting these beans, those are used in making extract or powder of it.

Vegetable Oil

The oil that derives from extracting various vegetable seeds. You would easily find vegetable oil in examples like Soybean oil, cocoa butter, olive oil, and more. As you know these oils are completely edible and used in culinary areas.  

These were all the foods that start with V on our list. We hope we didn’t miss out on any important food, vegetable, snacks, or drink. For all other foods on our list, check out our foods category.

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