20+ Foods That Start With B

It can be a fun little game to guess which foods name starts with which letter. Today we have come up with foods starting with the letter B. In this list of foods that start with B, we have included fruits, vegetables, snacks, healthy foods, and even drinks that begin with B. Though there are fewer recipes that start with B, we have tried to include all of them.

Foods beginning with the Letter B



A round-shaped bread product that originates from the Jewish communities in Poland. These bread are traditionally shaped by hand into this form of a ring. There are many beliefs regarding the consumption of these bread during the 17th century by Ashkenazi Jews. 


One type of salt flavoring pork made from cuts from the pork belly. These meat cuts are eaten on its own, also as a side dish, or used as an ingredient to flavorsome dishes. These foods that start with b are also common in areas of Jewish, and Muslim communities as they would eat turkey bacon instead of pork bacon.



It is a long, thin loaf of bread that comes from France, made from basic lean dough with the crispy crust on the outside. This food beginning with b is made popular during the 18th century. 


This is a special pastry made with the layers of filo filled with sweet ingredients such as chopped nuts, syrup, and honey. The characteristic of this dessert goes back to the cuisines of Egypt, Levant, and the Middle East. 



It is a fruit known as an apple that is bright in color and very good in taste and quality. These fruits that start with b were the most popular apples in New york as well as New England for many years. This apple fruit was found by William butter near Wood hill.  


This is one type of flatbread baked or cooked, made from grain. These foods that begin with b is generally cut into various sections before serving to people. The word comes from the Latin language which means “Baked Dough.”



It is an edible fruit that is originally considered a berry. These fruits may vary in size as well as colors that are seedless. The banana grows in clusters that hang on the top of the plant. Many people call these fruits as plantains also, as there is not a perfect distinction between both of these fruits.

Banger and Mash

The dish consists of sausages with mashed potatoes that originates from Great Britain as well as Ireland. These dishes were usually served with onion gravy, with fried onions and peas. These snacks that start with b considered as the easiest to learn and make.

Barbados Cherry

Barbados Cherry

It is a plant that bears tropical fruits shrub, comes in the Malpighiaceae family. These cherries are extremely rich in Vitamin c, cultivates in Mexico, South America, Haiti, and Brazil.

Butter Cake

As the name suggests, this cake is made out of butter with sugar, eggs, and flour. This food cake was originated from the English pound cake and considered one of the quintessential cakes in the history of American baking.



This is a sweet bread or cake made from yeast dough with a filling of chocolate, cinnamon, fruit, or cheese. These foods that begin with b is originated in the Jewish communities of the Polish commonwealth. These cakes were developed in the Jewish community in Poland near the 19th century.

Beach Plum

It is a species of plum that is native to the East coast of the United States. The fruit-bearing plant is salt-tolerant and considered as the cold-hardy. These plants are cultivated to make jam out of these cherries or you can always eat it raw. 



The meat that comes from cattle is known as beef. This meat item has been consumed by humans since prehistoric times, as it is the natural source of protein and nutrients. 


It is a beverage that is considered the world’s oldest and most widely consumed alcoholic drink in the world, and the third most popular drink after water and tea. These alcoholic beverages come in bottles and cans and easily available on draught.

Bell Pepper

The bell pepper is the fruit of plants that cultivates in the species of capsicum. These cultivars of the plant produce fruits in various colors, including red, yellow, orange, green, and more. These vegetables that start with b are commonly used as an ingredient or a side dish.


This is a flour-based baked food product made out of North America. These snacks that start with b are hard on the outside and comes with the flat surface. These biscuits vary as in the surface of it, as there are soft biscuits known as scones available in the market.



It is a smooth but creamy soup that comes from the origin of France. These foods that start with b is made with strained broth and crustaceans. It is also known as the method of extracting flavor from imperfect crustaceans.


One type of whiskey made from corn, name derives from the French Bourbon dynasty. This alcoholic drink is distilled from the 18th century. It is served with varieties of manner, including neat or diluted with water.

Bok Choy 

Bok Choy 

This is a type of Chinese cabbage that is also known as pok Choi or pak choi. These vegetables that start with b are a part of the Brassicaceae family that is known as mustards or crucifers.

Bologna Sauce

It is a meat-based sauce that is made in Italian cuisine, from the city of Bologna. This sauce is the secondary ingredient while making lasagna. Although, outside Italy, people refer to this sauce as a tomato-based sauce that added minced beef.

These were all the foods that start with B on our list. We hope we didn’t miss out on any important food, vegetable, snacks, or drink. For all other foods on our list, check out our foods category.

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