20+ Foods That Start With E

It can be a fun little game to guess which foods name starts with which letter. Today we have come up with foods starting with the letter E. In this list of foods that start with E, we have included fruits, vegetables, snacks, healthy foods, and even drinks that begin with E. Though there are fewer recipes that start with E, we have tried to include all of them.

Foods beginning with the Letter E



It is a cheese that originated from the land of the Netherlands, also named after the town “Edam.” The quality of hard cheese edam made it more popular in the world than before.



It is a pastry that is made with the dough of choux that filled with cream inside and topped with chocolate icing. The icing is many times made with caramel so that this dessert is known as a Baton De Jacob. These foods that begin with e were originated from France in the 19th century.



This is a perennial plant that can be found in the warm parts of Europe and Asia, also can grow up to 1.2 m tall. The root of this plant is quite popular in the markets of France, used for getting the gentle nutty flavor in the preparations as well.


This is a leaf vegetable that includes in the genus of Cichorium also consists of similar, but bitter plants. These vegetables that start with e also include radicchio, Pontarelli, and Belgian endive.



It is a ray-finned fish that belongs to the Anguilliformes family with 800 species. These foods that start with e are commonly used in Japenese cuisine and Chinese cuisine, also used in many expensive dishes.



This term refers to freshwater crustaceans known as Crayfishes or Small lobsters. These crayfishes are easily found in the parts of the United States. This food starting with e are eaten worldwide and prepared to make soups, bisques, and more food items. 



The most common breakfast food item for people all around the world. There are various types of birds, and fishes that lay eggs that can be used as a food item. These eggs are known for their protein and choline elements found in it.



It is a flowering plant that comes under the genus of Sambucus belongs to the Adoxaceae family. These species of elderberries are also known as an elder. Although, these are the edible berries some species of these berries are poisonous also.



This is a fruit that grows in the Canistel tree, native to Mexico, Belize. The special thing about this tree is that it is an evergreen tree, also cultivated in India, Srilanka. However, the shape and the size of the fruit is highly variable depending on the location of the tree.


The word refers to the species of young eels that can be only found in saltwater. These elver eels are consumed in most of the parts of the world and contain a higher source protein in it.



It is a creamy dairy-based beverage that includes milk and egg in it to give a rich, chilled, sweet flavor. These food items that start with e are generally consumed over the season of Christmas.


This is a grape wine variety currently produced in Australia. The emperor beverage is made with red grapes that are only grown in South Australia and New South Wales. 


This is a sauce that was made by Auguste Escoffier (Famous French Chef) which is still popular today worldwide. The sauce has a strong flavor as well as taste, that’s one of the many reasons why it is not used directly on the food.


This is a specie of an apple that derived from a seed grown in 1945 by Lester Anderson who was a fruit nutritionist at Cornell University. After the final release, these foods that begin with the letter e were made open for the public at the meeting in Geneva.



It is a corn tortilla rolled around a filling sauce that covers the whole food item. This food item can be filled with ingredients like potatoes, meats, cheese, beans, vegetables, and more. This is the common dish that you can find in the cuisine of Mexican people.


This food item refers to the meat cut that comes from the rib area. In some parts of the world sirloin and tenderloin cuts are also described as Entrecote.


It is a group of species that lives in the saltwater, also known as marine bivalve mollusks in the taxonomic family. Not all of them but many species of these foods that start with the letter e are consumed as a delicacy. 



This is one type of plant that does have fresh leaves that are used for seasoning purposes as it does contain a distinct flavor to it. 


It is also a vegetable plant that has leaves with frilled edges. This plant is also known as Frisee Lettuce and native to Europe.


A technique to make coffee which was originated from the county of Italy. This method describes putting a small amount of water to boil with finely ground coffee, also known for its strong flavor and taste on the tongue buds.

These were all the foods that start with E on our list. We hope we didn’t miss out on any important food, vegetable, snacks, or drink. For all other foods on our list, check out our foods category.

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