20+ Foods That Start With I

It can be a fun little game to guess which foods name starts with which letter. Today we have come up with foods starting with the letter I. In this list of foods that start with I, we have included fruits, vegetables, snacks, healthy foods, and even drinks that begin with I. Though there are fewer recipes that start with I, we have tried to include all of them.

Foods beginning with the Letter I

Ice Cream


Frozen food is commonly served as a dessert or in the form of a snack. This ice cream is made with milk, flavored sweetener, and sugar. Most ice cream making companies uses food coloring with stabilizers. These foods that start with I vary the name of it as per the country from country. Well, some people call it “Frozen Yogurt”, or “Sorbet”. 

Iceberg Lettuce

A plant that comes in the Asteraceae family, consumed as a vegetable around the world. This vegetable is commonly used for cooking soups, sandwiches, wraps, and salads. The name of these healthy foods that start with i is because of the shape that replicates icebergs. 


The frozen state of water turned into a solid surface. The ice can be transparent based on the present impurities such as bubbles, soil, or any element of garbage. This item is used in any beverages you want to cool them off quickly. 



It is a fruit that comes from the exotic tree Icaco, as the name of fruits is also the same as the tree. This food beginning with I are used to make preserves from it. The tree is the native part of tropical regions like Africa, Latin America. 


It is the effects of drinking alcohol that may be left with negative behavior in people like mild sedation, and poor coordination. So, in conclusion, this term of Inbebriant is connected with Alcohol and alcoholic drinks.


Another cooking term means a mixture of two elements to make one for cooking something specifically for a certain dish. This intermixture can refer to anything that suggests to mix up two elements.

Indian Mustard

This mustard comes from the plant of mustard, also known as leaf mustard or vegetable mustard. The plant does contain leaves, seeds, and steams. All these three elements can be used to make culinary food items. 



One type of rice cake that tastes a bit savory, comes from India. These foods that start with the letter I, are made with steaming the rice batter with black lentils. This food item is eaten mostly in breakfast by the people of South India and Sri Lanka.

Inca Berries

A fruit that cultivates in the plant of Physalis, includes in the Solanaceae family. This food with the letter i is generally known as Goldenberry, as for the color of the fruits. These fruits are originated from Peru origin, as it is widely introduced at the beginning of the 20th century.



A dish that consists of rice noodles, originated from India. You have to get the rice flour to make these long rice noodles, and then steam it to give the simple flavor to it. According to some food experts, this dish was present around the 1st century AD.

Iodized Salt

A mixture of table salt with the element of iodine, as it helps to prevent iodine deficiency in a human body. This deficiency can cause serious troubles to a human body like thyroid gland problems.

Irish Whisky

Irish Whisky

It is just a whiskey that made out on the island of Ireland. The name of whiskey comes from the Irish word uisce betha which means “Water Of Life.” This alcoholic beverage was once the most popular drink around the world because of the taste of it.

Ice Pop

Milk or water-based snack that is frozen, don’t mix it up with the ice-cream because both items have differences. Ice cream is whipped cream while this ice pop is the solid form of ice that is made out of water or milk with added a stick to hold it. This food that starts with I in English is commonly known as Popsicle in The U.S.

Ice Cream Soda


A chilled beverage that includes a mixture of ice cream and soda (Soft Drink). The name of this food item refers to the mixture of both elements to give the new experience to consumers. It was invented by Robert McCay Green in 1874.

Idaho Potatoes

A root vegetable that is native to the land of America. However, there are wild species of potatoes that usually grow in the origin of Peru. These vegetables are used not only for eating but also for brewing alcoholic beverages like vodka, and poitin. These Idaho potatoes are known for their quality in all around the world.

Icelandic Vodka

Icelandic Vodka

An alcoholic beverage made in the Netherlands in 2006, also famously known as Ursus Vodka in the world. The recipe for this vodka is created by a traditional family of Iceland known as De Hoorn BV since 1995. 


It is a fruit tree that cultivates in the tropical regions of Central America. This food beginning with I can be eaten by dipping the flesh out of the fruit’s rind. These fruits served with cream as well as sugar to justify and enjoy the flavor of it.

These were all the foods that start with I on our list. We hope we didn’t miss out on any important food, vegetable, snacks, or drink. For all other foods on our list, check out our foods category.

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