20+ Foods That Start With R

It can be a fun little game to guess which foods name starts with which letter. Today we have come up with foods starting with the letter R. In this list of foods that start with R, we have included fruits, vegetables, snacks, healthy foods, and even drinks that begin with R. Though there are fewer recipes that start with R, we have tried to include all of them.

Foods beginning with the Letter R



It is a root vegetable that belongs to the Brassicaceae family and native to Asia in Roman times. These vegetables that start with r are consumed eaten raw in the entire world as a salad vegetable. These plants of radish are sometimes only grown to have a companion plant that can protect other plants from pests and diseases. 


This is a dried grape made in many regions of the world for use in cooking, brewing, baking, and more. The name of this dried fruit came from Dark-colored dried large grape but now these fruits come in various sizes and colors.


This term refers to a tree as well as a fruit that goes by the same name. These edible fruits are produced by this rambutan tree, and native to Southeast Asia means only in some tropical parts of the world. Moreover, these fruits are sold fresh but have a short shelf life, uses to make jams and jellies.



It is an edible fruit that includes in the genus of Rubus which was the same as the rose family. The most productive of these fruits are done by Russia which includes 18% part in the world. These fruits are cultivated for many reasons such as making puree, juice, or used as dried fruit for consumption.


A ceramic, plastic, stainless steel, or glass bowl that is used for many uses including serving various dishes. This term is derived from the French language where it means meat or a cheese-based dish served in a small mold. 


One type of pasta that was used as a filling in thin pasta dough that served with sauce or broth. This pasta originated from Italian cuisine, made in square, circular, and semi-circular in shape. The earliest mention that you can find about these foods that start with r is in the 14th century.

Red Currant

Red Currant

It refers to the small red currant berries that belong to the genus of Ribes and native to Europe. The main usage of these fruits is to get the flavor in the tart. Although, these berries can also eat raw or in salads, drinks. 


A dish that includes stewed vegetables such as tomato, garlic, onion, zucchini, bell pepper, and herbs. This food beginning with r originate from Nice, also there is a belief that if vegetables cooked separately and then combined and cooked until they attain a smooth consistency would enhance this meal.


It is a greek white wine that was made before 2000 years ago. This wine is especially famous for its unique flavor that originated from the Aleppo pine resin and amphorae.


This is a meat cut of pork, beef, or lamb that is often cooked as a slab and eaten with barbecue sauces. These meat cuts can be roasted, fried, grilled, braised, or smoked. For the tender meat cut, people use the slow-cooking method and roast or barbecue for almost 10-12 hours.


A seed of the species of African and Asian rice, which is widely consumed as a staple food item all around the world. These food items vary in shapes, colors, and sizes. This plant of rice is considered as the agricultural commodity with the 3rd highest production worldwide.



This refers to an Italian whey cheese made from the milk of sheep, cow, goat. These foods that begin with the letter r are somewhat sweet in the taste compared to normal cheese. The meaning of this Ricotta name refers to “Recooking.”


It is a white grape variety that is native to the Rhine origin. These fruits contain aromatic smell with a sweet taste. Although, the main usage of these grapes is to make white wines that give pureness and some certain quality wine. 



This is an Italian rice dish that is cooked with rice, broth, butter, onion, white wine, and more. These foods that start with the letter r are the common food you would find in Italy as a first-course meal. 


A perennial flowering plant that belongs to the genus of Rosa, and includes in the Rosaceae family. There are more than a hundred species of these flowers all over the world, some are also consumed as food. Especially, rose hips as these are uses to make jam, jelly, and tea out of it.


The liquor is made by fermenting sugarcane juice and then distilling it. This distilled juice is stored in oak barrels so that the taste of it does get better over time. These alcoholic drinks are made with various grades, such as “Golden”, and “Dark.”



This is a snack that includes hard, a dry biscuit made with twice baking bread. Some people made these rusks with the base of a cake. These small snack items are considered to make with stale bread or buns.

Red Beets

It is a vegetable part of the beetroot plant that is consumed as a food, food coloring agent, and medicinal purposes. These vegetables were originated from the Middle East and grown by Ancient Romans, Greeks.



A pastry product filled with raisins, walnuts, cinnamon, chocolate, origination from Poland. These foods that begin with r are very popular in Israel and can be easily found in any other cafes and bakeries. The base of these pastries is made with sour cream or cream cheese.


The mixture of flour and fat to thicken sauces, made by adding equal parts of flour and fat. It was cooked until smooth, and brown. This condiment helps to thicken any gravy, sauces, soups, stews, and more.

The fat element is mostly the butter but many people use vegetable oil also.

These were all the foods that start with R on our list. We hope we didn’t miss out on any important food, vegetable, snacks, or drink. For all other foods on our list, check out our foods category.

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