Names Of Foods That Start With X

Foods that Start with X? Is it even possible? There are many people out there who love to know more unique things about the world. If you are one of them and wondering if there are any foods that start with the letter x in English? Then this list of names of foods that begin with x is going to give you insight about foods, including fruits and drinks, and information about them.

Names of Foods Starting With Letter X

This is a complete list of 21 items names of foods that start with x. We have tried to include some images for foods to give you references.

Xavier Soup


This traditional chicken soup is made by Italians and served with mostly parmesan dumplings as well as food that start with X.

Xantham Gum

This ingredient starting with x is addictive that is used for binding as well as a thickener. It is being created with the fermented sugar and bacteria known as Xanthomonas campestris. If you are looking for a strange food ingredient that starts with x as well as used for stabilizing then it’s the one.

Xavier Steak


I suppose you’ve never heard of food that begins with x. Let me tell you, this is the best example if you have this question. It is a proper steak meal that starts with x letter. People do add asparagus and cheese to make a precise Xavier steak.

Xinomavro Grapes

These grapes snacks that start with x are utilized to make red wine. The Greek meaning of these grapes is sour black which represents its color. This red wine made from Xinomavro Grapes is especially famous for its high acidity and tannic acid properties.


If you are looking for a sugar substitute that has fewer calories Xylitol could be the best option for you. Most people who have diabetes use this as a “Sugar-free” option for themselves. But note that, this food starting with x can be dangerous for dogs, if your dog has eaten this you quickly get the dog for a checkup.



This is one type of watermelon that found only in Africa, it sure does have the resemblance as the melons but the taste of this xigua is entirely distinct which is the fact that makes it unique. However, Xigua is also the name of watermelon in China.


A fruit from Mexico that known as pear cactus which is quite famous for its sour taste. Most people do not like this food that starts with x in English but if you like sour taste, then there is no harm in giving a shot.


Xanthia is a cocktail made on special occasions that contains a mixture of cherry brandy, yellow chartreuse, gin.

Xalapa Punch


As the name suggests, this punch is a seasonal drink that is a mixture of rum, brandy, black tea, orange rinds mostly famous in some parts of Latin America. This red-colored drink is really quite something.


This is the Chinese steamed bun that especially famous in some parts of Shangai and Wuxi. You can make these buns as filled or unfilled, as per your choice. The name behind these snacks that start with x is because it is traditionally prepared in bamboo named as “Xiaolong.”


If you are a fan of curry then this dish from Goa, India would just blow your mind with its taste. The Portuguese name of this curry is chacuti, as it is commonly prepared with lamb or chicken. This food that starts with x use spices like Black pepper, cinnamon, clove, chili, and more to add the spicy flavor in it.


A fish that start with the letter x letter, commonly found in some parts of Spain. The usual style of this small sardine fishes is after frying. Most people don’t realize the difference between sardines and xouba.



A salsa recipe that comes from Mexico that consists of elements like Onions, orange juice, and habaneros chili. This food that starts with x can also be known as “Nose Dog.”


If you think, this word beginning with x letter sounds like chocolate then you might be right. It’s the word that comes from Aztec that which means a “Chocolate.”

Xingren Donfu

This is a famous dessert from China made from almond milk. It is especially known for its softness. If you haven’t tried this Asians dessert then you should as early as possible.

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It is made from sticky rice that has been famous in Vietnam. These foods that start with the letter x is made by sesame, soy sauce, rice, and meat. These simple ingredients make this dish extremely cheap yet nutritious for people.

XO Sauce


If you are familiar with Cantonese cuisine then you’ve probably heard of this spicy sauce that added while making seafood.

Xi Gua Lao

This food dish that starts with X is a traditional dish that served during summers in Beijing. The ingredients used in the dish are cherries, watermelon, sugar, and more.


It is one type of shrimp that commonly found in China, the people tend to prefer this over normal shrimp because Xia holds the flavor nicely and perfectly.



Ximenia is a fruit tree that commonly found in Tanzania and South Africa. If you have eaten plum then you are not missing much because it does contain the same taste as plum. Although, you would surely find some color difference between Ximenia and Plum.


It is one type of vanilla essence that you would only find using in some recipes of China, and Vietnam.

We hope that that this article provided you some extra knowledge about the foods that start with X and what they actually are. If you know any other foods that begin with X, feel free to comment down below to share with others.

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