4 Best Gochujang Substitutes You can Use!

Gochujang sauce is a paste that comes from Korean cuisine. It is made from chili powder, glutinous rice, fermented soybean, and salt. It is been used while making various dishes like bibimbap, salads, soups as well as marinated meat dishes in all over the world. The main reason people use this Gochujang when they want to make their meals spicier and smokier but many of them are looking for a sauce that acts as a gochujang substitute.


Although, it contains the sweetness from the starch of cooked rice. People also describe this Gochujang as Red Chili Paste. Most of the time gochujang serves as an accompaniment and ingredient in plenty of Korean dishes. This article will help you to find a substitute for gochujang when you don’t have it on in your home. 

What is the perfect gochujang sauce substitute?

Here are some of the best alternatives or replacements for gochujang sauce.

Miso-Based Sauce As Substitute

Any ingredients can not match the same texture, flavor, and taste of Gochujang sauce because this authenticate taste can only get with the recipe ferment for months. If you are in need of a substitute for gochujang, Miso can be the best substitute when it comes to the ingredients of both sauces. These sauces made by fermented soy. This gives the Miso a better hand when it comes to the sweetness of Gochujang sauce. 

  • Take one tablespoon of Miso and mix it with cayenne powder as per your taste to make a valid gochujang sauce substitute. 

Red Pepper Flake Paste As An Alternative


It couldn’t be closer to the texture of Gochujang sauce, but when you are in a hurry and want to quickly make some alternative of that sauce. Using this paste is going to save the trouble and act as a substitute for gochujang. This red pepper flake paste packs up the spice of gochujang sauce, and that’s the only reason it can be a good gochujang paste substitute. You can make this paste by following these steps:

  • Take one tablespoon of red chili paper flakes, and add soy sauce into with a pinch of little sugar. Mix it well, this will not get you the real taste of Gochujang but it can work as gochujang substitute.

Thai Chili Paste As Substitute

If you are searching for the best substitute for gochujang, then this might be the close you can come. Unfortunately, it comes with a strong garlic taste that will surely ravage your overall experience of enjoying a Korean condiment at home. Although, if you are a fan of Garlic then the spiciness and sweetness are the same as the gochujang sauce. The texture is a little bit thicker, but it will not matter, I guess. 

Sriracha Chili Sauce As An Option

This sauce is for the people who don’t want an authentic taste of gochujang and only want to eat spicy food. This sauce is thinner compare to Gochujang as well as it tastes distinctive. If you are planning to make Korean dishes with adding some new flavor in to, then I suggest you try this gochujang substitute sriracha.

We hope this article will help you to answer your question about what is gochujang sauce substitute. Tell us your experience with these alternatives, and feel free to ask more about your queries in the comment section below. Share this article on social media to make your friends aware of these substitutes.

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