6 Health Benefits Of Eating Makhana (Lotus Seeds) In Pregnancy

It’s crucial to choose everything like what to eat and what to avoid when you are pregnant. You don’t want to eat anything that harms your baby in any way. Some food items can cause some adverse effects on your unborn child. There are some food items also that can help drastically positive to your health as well as your baby. Here in this article, I will cover the essential food item: Makhana also called fox nuts or Lotus Seeds. What are it’s benefits when eaten during pregnancy? And is it safe to eat it during pregnancy?

What Is Makhana?


Makhana is seeds that come from a plant known as Euryale Fox, which grows in the water or wetlands in some parts of Asia. That’s why Makhana is also known as Fox Nuts and Lotus Seeds as well. It’s being used for medical purposes in Ayurveda and Chinese medicine for probably 3000 years.

Is it Safe To Eat Makhana During Pregnancy?

Yes, It’s safe to have Makhana in your snacks to satisfy your hunger in between meals. They are very nutritious and consist of abundant elements like calcium, iron, phosphorus, manganese, potassium, B vitamins, amino acids, and antioxidants. Although All things are good unless you overdo it, so read till the end to know more about and to know the benefits of eating Makhana in pregnancy.

How To Eat Makhana During Pregnancy?

It’s your choice, and you can eat these lotus seeds raw and cooked. Search on the internet to make something delicious from the tasteless Fox Nuts.

Health Benefits Of Makhana In Pregnancy

Below are some of the benefits of eating Makhana in pregnancy:

1) Will Make You Sleep Better:

Makhana includes sedation properties, and Pregnant women reportedly stated that they have the problem of sleeping at night. This problem is universal because it’s very natural to change your life routine, and it can also be because of changing hormones, but eating Lotus seeds will help them get rid of the problem of trouble-sleeping at night. These Fox Nuts are full of antioxidants and vitamins, and that’s why it helps to cause an effect that the body will feel very calm and relaxed.

2) Stops Diarrhea Problem:

Makhana is very helpful when someone has a problem in their stomach, and they have diarrhea. This problem happens because of hormonal changes, and every woman has to face this problem when pregnant.

These small lotus seeds improve the digestive system so that these women don’t have to suffer from this problem anymore.

3) It Helps You To Loss Weight:

It’s very natural to put on weight when women are expecting a baby. They have to eat more, for them, and their babies also. Every woman tries to eat more nutritious and healthy things during their pregnancy period. It’s essential to eat good things, but they have to keep in mind not to overeat. The health benefit of Makhana in pregnancy is that they consist of a low glycaemic index, and it means that when you eat a few lotus seeds, your stomach will feel full because of that.

4) Helps You To Control Sugar Level:

Fox Nuts can best control your high-level blood sugar because of stress as well as hormonal changes. These Lotus Seeds are loaded with Vitamin B complexes and fiber, and low in calories. It helps your body to lose weight, and it keeps your mind under stress.

5) Eliminate That Fatigue Feeling:

There are times when you will fatigue, and you will feel that you don’t want to do anything. Makhana contains things like iron, zinc, potassium, magnesium, protein, and vitamins. After eating a few lotus seeds, you will automatically feel excited and fresh.

6) Controls High-Low Blood Pressure Problem:

Makhana has the cooling and soothing effects on your body, so it’s recommended to eat when you are feeling anxious. The vitamins in lotus seeds will help your body to calm and keep blood pressure in control.

We hope you got all the information related to eating makhane or lotus seeds during your pregnancy. By now you should’ve realized it’s completely safe to eat them during pregnancy. You can eat this healthy and tasty snack in any of its forms. If you have any questions, you can mention them in the comments below. Keep visiting our blog for more health tips and food information.

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