How Long Does It Take To Microwave a Baked Potato?

Who doesn’t like to eat baked potatoes?. Most people want to eat these potatoes by cooking them in the microwave oven. Baked Potatoes can make a great accompanying side to a variety of dishes, and you can whip up this creamy dish in no time at all. But you may wonder how long to microwave a baked potato does it take?

If you don’t know, baked potatoes are also known as Jacket potatoes because the flavor of these spuds has a good topping added after cooking it. 

How long to microwave a baked potato does it take?


To make a perfect baked potato with a microwave, it typically takes only 10 to 15 minutes’ time for full preparation. in which you need to put it in 4-5 minutes in the microwave.

How To Make Baked Potatoes Using Microwave?

Generally, people make this baked food preparation in the Microwave and then transfers into the Oven. As a matter of fact, this can be directly prepared into the Microwave itself. Follow the below steps to know more about the procedure of making baked potatoes using Microwave:

  1. Pick some fresh potatoes and wash them nicely with clean water.
  2. Scrub them and pick them with a fork and put that preparation into Microwave.
  3. If you put one potato, then it should take 3-4 minutes for one side to cook perfectly, then you have to prepare for the same time on the other hand.
  4. If you want to add more potatoes, add more time for the whole baked potatoes dish, then slice it open and add some yummy toppings to make it more flavorful.

If you want to make potato in oven wrapped in foil, check the linked article.

We hope this article helps you learn how to make a baked potato in the microwave and how long to make a baked potato in the microwave it takes, feel free to ask if you have any queries or doubts regarding this recipe.

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