How Many Cups Are In A Liter?

When it comes to cooking, there are many things we have to keep in mind to make the most out of it. Moreover, choosing the right ingredients and measuring the right quantity is essential and can make a lot of difference to your dish while preparing it. 

Most of the time, ingredients won’t be the case of confusion, but measurement sure does make you wonder in various situations. That’s why we have prepared this article to solve your confusion about measuring water cup quantity in liters while making recipes. We have thoroughly analyzed and stated the perfect quantity to answer some questions about how many cups are in a liter or 2 liters, and so on.

How many cups in a liter of water or Milk?


If you are into looking up recipes online, then you would have noticed the quantity water stated in cups but the main problem is they don’t say the size of the cup. That’s when most of the people feel confused and probably wonder how many cups in a liter of water or milk to add?

As many online calculators currently measure 1 liter equals how many cups but they lack the information about the cup size. This can play a measuring factor while preparing something, that’s the reason this article contains in-depth information about various cup sizes which follows certain Metric measurements, U.S. customary, Canadian and many more. Let’s start with Metric Cup.

How many cups in a 2 liter?

For measurement of 2 liter equals how many cups, simply multiply the measurements we have given by 2 and you will get the perfect measure of how much water or milk to use in a recipe.

1 liter equals how many cups?

Metric Cup

This measurement of the cup is widely used by countries like Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and some other members of these nations. So let’s find out the measurement so we can see how many cups are in a liter?

  • 1 Cup = 250 Milliliters
  • 4 Cup = 1000 Milliliters = 1 Liter

That means if you want to see how many cups in 2 liters?

  • 8 Cup = 2000 Milliliters = 2 Liter

Canadian Cup

Now, comes to the measurement of the Canadian cup, the conversion of the cup goes like this:

  • 1 Cup = 227 Milliliter
  • 41/2 Cup = 1 Liter

The measurement below would solve your question of how many cups in a 2 liter and how many cups in half a liter?

  • 9 Cup = 2 Liter
  • 21/2 Cup = 1/2 Liter

United Kingdom Cup

These size of cups were rarely used to measure water or milk, but some people do consider containing the elements in the cup. 

  • 1 Cup = 295 Mililiter
  • 4 Cup = 1.18 Liter
  • 2 Cup = 590 Mililiter = 1/2 Liter

United States

Customary Cup

These cups are used in customary cups are half of the original liquid pints. 

  • 1 Cup = 236 Mililiter
  • 4 Cup = 944 Mililiter ~ 1 Liter
  • 2 Cup = 472 Mililiter ~ 1/2 Liter

Legal Cup

These cups are usually used in the United States for labeling nutrition is defined in the law as 240 Milliliter.

  • 1 Cup = 240 Mililiter
  • 4 Cup = 960 Mililiter ~ 1 Liter
  • 2 Cup = 480 Mililiter ~ 1/2 Liter

International Cups

These International cups are widely used in some parts of the world including Japan, Russia, America, and more. 

Japanese Cup

The traditional Japanese unit of one cup was nearly 180 ml in 1891, but that changed quickly and now considered as 200 ml for 1 cup. So let’s see how many cups in a 1.75-liter bottle? and how many cups in half a liter?

  • 1 Cup = 200 Mililiter 
  • 5 Cup = 1 Liter
  • 2.5 Cup = 1/2 Liter
  • 8.75 Cup = 1.75 Liter

Russian Cup

The Russian management of these small cups comes in various sizes, like 100 ml, 123 ml, 200 ml, 246 ml, 253 ml. But the widely used glass size in Russia is 250 ml. 

  • 1 Cup = 250 Milliliter
  • 4 Cup = 1 Liter
  • 2 Cup = 1/2 Liter
  • 7 Cup = 1.75 Liter

Latin American Cup

The cups of Latin America vary from one place to another but the standard measurement of cup size is considered as 250 Milliliter same as Russian cup size.

  • 1 Cup = 250 Milliliter
  • 4 Cup = 1 Liter
  • 2 Cup = 1/2 Liter
  • 7 Cup = 1.75 Liter

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That ends our list of measurement of various cup sizes, we hope that these answer your questions of how many cups are in a liter of milk or water? and how many cups in a 2 liter? Don’t hesitate to ask questions in the comment section below, share this article with your Chef (Many new due to lockdown :P) Friends.

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