How many Potatoes in a Pound To Use For Recipes?

It’s quite hard to choose how many potatoes will you need to prepare something for you and your special friends. You want to make sure that either not wasting food or that everyone gets the food in an adequate amount. This article will help you to answer your question on, “how many potatoes in a pound?” along with particular measurement for a pound of yellow, red, russet and sweet potatoes for a pound. 

The reason to know how many potatoes are in one pound is, people do not mistakenly buy these potatoes more than they need to prepare mashed potatoes or any dish containing potato. Generally, the size of the potato depends on the location, but you can get a rough idea about the size of the potato. So, you can check if these potatoes are going to be enough for you to get ready for the preparation. We are also going to give you measurements for small or medium potatoes and mashed potatoes for a pound.


Potatoes do come in different sizes and shapes, so it can weigh between 1/8 pound to 1/2 pound. It’s confusing when you are following a recipe from the internet. Many recipes could state that “1 cup of diced potatoes” or “1 cup of mashed potatoes”. As you can see, this is not an adequate way to choose how many cups in a pound of potatoes?

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How many Red Potatoes in a Pound?


If you are preparing a recipe using red potatoes, and wondering how many red potatoes in a pound?. There would be 7 to 9 small red potatoes in one pound. If the recipe contains using new or small potatoes and asking yourself how many small potatoes in a pound then it would be 7 to 9 small potatoes.

How many Russet Potatoes in a Pound?

We found the answer to your question of how many russet potatoes you can use in a pound? If the size of the potatoes is medium then the count would be three. Medium-sized potatoes would be 8 – 10 in the numbers.

Moreover, if the delicious recipe calls for mashed potatoes, and if you are searching how many cups of mashed potatoes in a pound? then it would be 2-3 cups of mashed potatoes.

How many Sweet Potatoes in a Pound?


If you are making a recipe using sweet potatoes, and wondering how many sweet potatoes to use in a pound? There would be 2 large sweet potatoes.

If you have the question of how many medium potatoes in a pound? The answer is that there would be 3 medium sweet potatoes in the pound.

How many Yellow Potatoes in a Pound?

If you have the question of how many yellow potatoes in a pound, then there might be about 5 yellow potatoes in a pound.

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The answer to the question of how many b size potatoes in a pound? There would be more than 10 b size potatoes in one pound

Now, you are officially prepared when next time you’re a delightful recipe calls for any potatoes, you would be ready to buy just the right amount from the market. We hope this article will help you to answer your question about how many potatoes in a pound. Do tell us what you think about the experience after gaining knowledge about potatoes size and different types. Feel free to ask more about your queries in the comment section below. 

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