How much Pickle Juice Should You Drink a Day?

If you are an athlete, then you have probably heard of pickle juice and totally aware of its benefits. It has become so popular to work up as a remedy for muscle cramps as well as leg cramps, as most athletes prefer to drink it after a heavy workout to control their way through cramps.

Now, The most asked question about pickle juice is how much pickle juice should you drink a day? This article is all about getting you a clear idea about the quantity of pickle juice that you can normally drink during a day. 


However, the science behind these remedies is still unclear about working for muscle cramps and leg cramps. Some people believe that the electrolytes in the liquid stop to have leg cramps after a heavy workout. As we know that the most part of pickle juice is nothing but salt, water, and vinegar, but the sodium element contains the most in it.

The sweat during the exercise can probably get you dehydrated quickly but drinking this budget alternative of sports drink would get you hydrated with potassium and sodium in it. Enough about the benefits of this pickle juice, let’s find out how much pickle juice should you drink a day?

Adequate Drinking Quantity Of Pickel Juice

How Much Pickle Juice Should You Drink for Leg Cramps?

  • Most researchers found in a study that 1 milliliter per KG of your body weight is the accurate amount of pickle water you should drink for leg cramps.

How Much Pickle Juice Should You Drink A Day?

  • 2 Ounces(oz) for bodyweight 165 lbs (75 KG).

You can increase or decrease based on your body weight as per the above conversion of Pickle Juice for getting rid of muscle cramps.

How Much Pickle Juice Is Too Much?

  • There is no proper quantity of pickle juice enough for your body. However, if you drink more than 2-3 ounces during a day then it can worsen some symptoms in your body. As we know that this juice contains a lot of salt meaning a lot of sodium. 

Moreover, if you are a high blood pressure patient or just watching your sodium intake then it advisable to drink only the above-stated quantity during a day. 

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We hope that this article answers your question on how much pickle juice should you drink a day? Do tell us your thoughts and experience of drinking this pickle juice for leg cramps. Don’t forget to type out your questions and suggestions in the comment section below.

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