How to make cocoa extract? What are its benefits?

Who doesn’t like to eat chocolates? That’s why people say that chocolate is happiness that you can eat. Back then, most people used to make chocolate from mixing cocoa powder and cocoa butter extract. Cocoa is widely known as the cacao beans are the dry seed of Theobroma Cacao. With the help of nodes, we can use cocoa butter in making sweet dishes. These beans are the main form of everyone’s favorite chocolate.


Cocoa powder is the dry powder that was eventually made from grinding seeds and removing the fat from it. The last dry powder is known as a cocoa powder that tastes bitter. So, this article will help you to teach how you can start making cocoa extract, cocoa bean extract and cocoa butter extract at your home. Read the full article to know about cocoa extract benefits also.

How To Make Cocoa Bean Extract?


  • 1 cup of crushed cacao nibs, you can buy these from a local store near you.
  • 8 oz (240 milligrams) vodka or you can use Bourbon or Rum. It’s your choice to choose the flavor of alcohol as per liking.


  1. First, you can crush these cacao nibs that can easily deliver the flavor of beans or you can directly take uncrushed cacao nibs. Crushing speeds up the entire procedure as it soaks alcohol abruptly. 
  2. Take a jar and pour the amount of alcohol described above, don’t emit more than 8 oz. As I said, you can take Vodka or Bourbon or Rum. Take any one flavor of alcohol, don’t mix it up.
  3. Give a good shake to the jar, and store it for more than three months in the dark cabinet.
  4.  After six months, check whether the flavor of this cocoa extract as per your liking, if it is then strive out the cacao beans from the extract.
  5. You can transfer this cocoa seed powder extract into a different jar and put it into a freezer. Overnight, the top of the jar would be filled with fat. You should remove the fat and store it in a dark cabinet.
  6. Your cocoa bean extract is ready for use while making cakes, cookies, and ice-creams. 

Difference between Cocoa Extract and Chocolate Extract

Most of the people wonder that if “Is Cocoa Extract The Same As Chocolate Extract? ” The answer is a big NO. Cocoa Extract is the natural flavor that has been made by soaking cacao beans in alcohol. Whereas, Chocolate Extract is the flavoring that has been used to make cakes, brownies. The chocolate extract may be used as a replacement for chocolate when it is necessary.

Cocoa Extract Vs Cocoa Powder

There is a big difference while making cocoa extract vs cocoa powder. Cocoa extract as I added in this article, made by pressing these cold unroasted cacao nibs/beans. This procedure helps to remove the unnecessary fat from the product which is known as Cocoa Butter Extract.

Whereas, Cocoa powder is made from roasting cacao beans at high temperatures for a long period of time. The procedure lowers the nutrition value of the main product. That’s why people are choosing cocoa extract in the making of brownies, cakes, and many more things for its health benefits. Some of these are listed below, read the full article to know more about cocoa extract benefits on the human body.

Benefits Of Cocoa Extract

These are the benefits of cocoa seed extracts in the short and long run.

  • Cocoa has so many good elements that can help your body to be healthy from inside. It has the antioxidants which help the user to lower the chances of heart disease.
  • The cocoa extract may help to raise levels of good cholesterol in your body. The cocoa extract contains epicatechin and catechin, these elements are very beneficial for the health of the human body. Cocoa extract benefits to lower the blood pressure of any person.
  • Somehow, Chocolate filled with Cocoa extract helps people to control their weight. Cocoa powder extract for weight loss restraint the use of energy and reducing appetite. It restricts people from eating less food, and that’s why cocoa and its products can maintain the weight of any person. However, White and Milk chocolate doesn’t work this way. So, if you are planning to lose your weight then use Cocoa-rich products.
  • Cocoa’s flavanols elements may help to change your mood and has positive effects on your brain. It can help to reduce stress and can easily ease the calmness of your mind.

We hope this article will help you to answer your question about making cocoa extract at home. Tell us your experience with cocoa bean extract and tell us more about any cocoa seed powder extract benefits that you’ve been experiencing, and feel free to ask more about your queries in the comment section below. Share this article to let more people know about recipe and cocoa extract benefits.

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