How to Peel a Peach?

Do you have a peach tree outside your house? It’s a pretty embarrassing thing to admit to someone when you own a peach tree and still don’t know how to peel a peach. Are you up for making ice-cream? Sometimes these savory ice-creams do call for peeled peaches to give the flavor to it. Don’t worry, We got you covered with this article, and we are going to teach you with these simple yet best ways on how to peel fresh peaches easily. And the best part is, we have covered method too where you don’t even have to blanch.


Peel Peaches Using A Knife

Are you up for making ice-cream? sometimes these savory ice-creams do call for peeled peaches to give the flavor to it. I suppose you can use a knife to peel it. If you are wondering how to peel a peach with a knife? then follow these below steps:

  • Firstly, take a razor-sharp knife and draw an “X” with a sharp blade on peaches.
  • Lit your stove, pour water in the bowl, and put it unto that stove.
  • Add these scored peaches into the bowl for approximately 60 seconds.
  • Carefully remove these boiled peaches with a spoon.
  • Take another bowl filled with ice as well as water.
  • Drop these boiled peaches into that cold-water boil to set for 3-4 minutes.
  • Once it becomes cool, take these peaches and slowly peel with your hands, the skin would easily come right off from these fresh peaches.

If you don’t like this blanching technique to peel peaches then you should consider this other technique to peel peaches. 

Peel Peaches Without Boiling

The blanching method is the easiest to peel peaches. If you are in a hurry and your recipe calls for the peeled peaches. Do you know how to peel a peach without blanching? if not then use this method:

  • You can handle this situation of a hurry by using a peeler to peel ripe peaches.
  • Still, I would suggest you use the boiling method to peel your fresh peaches.

Peel Peaches Using A Microwave

  • First, take these peaches and wash them off nicely. 
  • Take a sharp paring knife, and deeply cut an “X” on the bottom of every peach.
  • Take a dish and put these peaches in the microwave for 35 seconds.
  • After that, take these peaches outside to cool them off.
  • Peel these fresh peaches with your hand on the mark of the “X”.

From this method of mine, you can find the answer to your question about 

How to peel a peach for cobbler?

There are some times when you would have bought some extra fresh fruits from the farmer’s market and now the only way to save these sweet fruits is to freeze it. If you are asking yourself, how to peel peaches for freezing then use the blanching method to easily peel off peaches. 

How to Easily Pit Peaches?

If you are searching how to peel and pit a peach on the internet then follow this clear step-by-step guide to learn pit a peach:

  • Take a sharp knife, and cut that peach in half around the pit.
  • Twist nicely in the opposite direction to easily separate two parts of a peach.
  • Again use the knife for loosening and removing the pit.

Why People Peel Peaches While Making Pies?

The main reason some people choose peeled peaches over non-peeled peaches is that it can remove the harmful pesticides as well as chemicals that can harm your body. Many food connoisseurs suggest peeling fruits so that it can produce a better flavor and texture to the overall taste. Not only while making pies, but while making cobblers, salads, and ice-creams, it is recommended to peel peaches. The texture of your recipes can improve gradually.

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We hope that this article will help you to answer your questions about how to peel fresh peaches easily, and how to peel a peach for pie and also for freezing. Feel free to ask more questions in the comment section below. Share this article on social media to make people aware of various ways of peeling peaches.

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