How to know if your bed is causing back pain?

There are so many factors in your daily life that can be causing back pain. How to know what is exactly causing you back pain? The general answer can be your lifestyle, but that is not every time. Sometimes, the solution to your back pain problem is your bed, but how to tell if your memory foam mattress is causing back pain?

You can encounter the feeling in the morning when you get up from your bed if you are sensing the back pain. It’s time to change the mattress because the reason is back pain from the mattress. 

In this article, you would get a rough idea about how to check if mattress causing back pain? How to choose the right mattress? Read the full article to know all about it because sleep is the best meditation.

Checking If The Mattress Is The Reason


It could be anything from your lifestyle to your exercises. But, “How do I know if my mattress is causing my back pain?” Try comparing the below reasons with your situations.

  • If you are not comfortable while sleeping and continuously changing sleeping positions to find the suitable one for your restless spine.
  • Waking up throughout the night could also suggest that it’s time to throw the old bed.
  • If your mattress has become too soft or too hard during the time. Firm mattresses cause a misalignment in your spine, as well as soft mattresses, can not give the needed support to your body. So do keep in mind this when next time someone asks if a firm mattress can cause lower back pain.
  • Seven Year Rule is most important if the mattress is causing you a backache. Sleep experts said that you never should sleep on the mattress more than 7 years old.

Memory Foam VS Latex

When it comes to choosing which mattress is the best for you that prevents back pain from mattress?. It’s either Memory Foam or Latex. 

The right time to buy the mattress is when you are constantly feeling stiffness after you wake up from the bed. If the price is not the factor for you, then you should always choose latex over memory foam because it can give your body a proper spine alignment, and that can ultimately prevent back pain from the mattress.

Moreover, Some users reportedly stated their memory foam mattresses causing back pain. The quality of the mattress is somehow correlated to your back pain. In the end, the choice is yours to make. 

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How To Check If The Mattress Is Just Right For You?

Try bringing your pillow and sleep on the new mattress for 20 minutes when you are going shopping. Examine the effects on your body after sleeping on the new mattress. I know this sounds stupid but, trust me this would going to help you in the future.

Some people do quick shopping without even trying their new beds, and after they would complain that “why is my new bed hurting my back?” So, try this method when you go to buy either latex mattress or memory foam, as per your choice. 

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We hope this article solves your problem of back pain from the mattress. Do let us know what you have chosen in the end? and Why? Feel free to ask if you feel there are any unanswered questions in the comment section below.

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