List Of Things That are Rough And Have Bumpy Textures

There are so many materials that cross our minds while describing examples of hard and rough things. Roughness is a property of objects quite opposite to smooth. Objects or materials that are rough have unique and bumpy textures. We prepared a list of objects, fruits, animals, and materials that are rough which crossed our minds when we think about things with bumpy textures.

List of Things That are Rough And Bumpy

Following is a descriptive list with pictures for rough things or objects having bumpy textures.



It is a rough-textured fruit that comes from the coconut tree. Moreover, the name of the tree or fruit arrives from the Spanish word “Coco”, means the “Head.” These rough trees are considered as the most useful rough things and known as “Tree Of Life” because all the parts of this coconut tree are used somewhere.



They live in with other compact colonies, as included in the class of Anthozoa. These rough marine invertebrates do have a rough texture on top of it so that they can catch small fishes using stinging cells.



A natural mineral that does have a solid and rough mass on the surface of it. Many people don’t know but these rocks are grouped in the main three parts: Igneous, Metamorphic, Sedimentary.



Before these rough things were made of sand rough objects but now manufacturers changed to it use the aluminum oxide and silicon carbide. These rough sandpapers come in various sizes to remove the material from hard surfaces to make them smoother.

Nail File


A tool that is used to shape the edges of the nails while doing manicures and pedicures. These nail files use emery, board, ceramic, crystal, glass, metal element to coat it.



These bricks are one type of solid rough blocks to build any element in masonry. The name of the brick arrives from the block of dried clay. These things that are rough are made from a mortar.

Asphalt (Bitumen)


A semi-solid element that can be found naturally. These things with rough texture are mainly used for road construction, where it is used as a glue to bind other elements to make the road concrete.

Thorny Devil


A species of lizard that comes under the family of Agamidae. The appearance of this lizard make it, give the name of the thorny devil, as the two-horned on its head. The head of resemblances a devil or a dragon.



The tree of avocado is a flowering plant that a member of the Lauraceae family. The fruits of this tree are rough, and hard objects that contain a single large seed inside of a large berry.


If you finding what has a bumpy texture, then this animal probably crossed your mind. The name of it comes from the Spanish language, where it means “Little Armored One.” These animals have leathery armor on the back with sharp claws that help them to dig quickly.



The species that live in marine or blackish habitat of sea. The shape of these rough materials is irregular, whereas some oysters contain the pearl and that’s why some of it known as pearl oysters. Moreover, these oysters are considered a delicacy and can be eaten raw or cooked.



The word of this rough texture rock comes from the Latin language means “A Grain”. These rocks naturally come in the color of white, pink, or gray. If you thinking about examples of hard objects, these rough things probably on the list.

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We hope you liked this list of things having bumpy textures. Do you know any other things that are rough? Tell us below. Also, Do tell us your thoughts about this list in the comment section below.

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