25+ Celery Substitutes For Salads, Seasoning, and Soup

Are there any substitutes for celery? Of course, there are. This article will give you details of various celery substitutes that you can use. Whether it is in soups, chicken salads, vegetables, or seasoning, we have every replacement for the celery vegetable, seeds, or roots you are looking for the recipe.

Finding an alternative for any ingredient is a tedious task to do. Especially when we talk about celery, it’s even harder because no vegetable gives you the exact flavor and texture like celery. And, it’s more medically beneficial too. So, the question arises what to use instead of celery? Don’t worry, we’ve done the hard work for you, so you won’t have to do anything else to search for the perfect alternative for celery.

What Is Celery?

Celery is a vegetable part of the “Apiaceae” family just like carrots, parsley. The vegetable is famously known for making low-carb dishes, with a low-fat element. It gives the discrete flavor and texture to your preparation whether it’s a soup, salad, even as a vegetable.

Not only the plant leaves but the root, and seeds are also a great way to add the spices component in recipes. People use celery’s root extract to make herbal medicines.

Can Celery Seeds Replace Celery?

You have to identify first what is the use of celery in the recipe that you’re trying to make. As an example, If you are using celery as a vegetable, then adding celery seeds wouldn’t a suitable option for you. On the other hand, you can easily use the celery seeds to replace celery while making soups & stews. Read below to know more about how to find the right celery substitute.

Best Celery Alternatives

Here is the list of replacements according to the categories of its use.

Celery Substitutes As a Green Vegetable

Bok Choy

It is a vegetable that originated from China, that’s why it is known as “Chinese Cabbage”. Many people use this celery alternative as “Pak Choi”, or “Pok Choi”. You may have seen these vegetables in most of the Asian dishes. The most important thing about this replacement for celery is that it’s the best for people who like to eat low-carb meals, as well as Bok Choy is famous for its crunchiness.



One of the most used celery alternative while making dishes with green vegetables. Broccoli is a vegetable plant that comes in the cabbage family. The taste of broccoli is a little bit bitter. However, if you are using this as a replacement for celery then you should use it with the steaming, microwaving, and stir-frying cooking methods.


People commonly use asparagus as a substitute for celery in the chicken salad because they both have a similar kind of taste and flavor. Other names of asparagus are “Sparrow Grass” and “Garden Asparagus“. Moreover, asparagus is used for making medicine because of diuretic properties.

Green Beans

If you are looking for more protein intake for your body, then green beans are just perfect for you. These vegetables also have a similar name like “French Beans” or “String Beans” or “Snap Beans.” This vegetable has over 130 varieties in the world that vary in size, color, shape, and texture.



This is another perfect substitute for celery in chicken salad, also this vegetable is a rich folate provider for your body. So, pregnant women can use this as a celery substitute while making salads, stews.

Substitute For Celery Seeds For Seasoning

Dill Seed

It is a flavoring plant that can be used as a celery substitute for seasoning recipes. This plant’s seeds and leaves are generally used as an herb or spice while cooking food. Moreover, this green plant does come in the celery family, so the attributes of both are merely similar.

Caraway Seed


Another ingredient that can be used as a precise replacement for celery for seasoning and flavoring food. It is also known as “Meridian Fennel” or “Persian Cumin.” More about these seeds are that these are commonly used in desserts, liquors, and casseroles recipes.


When you need an item for the culinary purpose to replace the celery then, this can be the option for you to choose. People do use every part of lemon for various cooking purposes like pulp and rind. People don’t know but this lemon is a hybrid between citron and orange.


Parsely is going to be the ingredient for you to replace celery leaves. The flowering plant is native to the Mediterranean region, used from a long time ago as a herb.



The name of cilantro changes in the different regions around the world, as “Chinese Parsely” or “Coriander” or “Mexican Coriander“. This could be the option to go for seasoning while making various cuisines.

Celery Substitute For Crunchiness


If you are looking at the crunchiness of celery then the apple is going to be the best replacement for it. More about apples, it comes under the genus of “Malus” and grows all over the world.


These green vegetables fall under the family of the gourd. You can use cucumber instead of celery by slicing and seedless. These crunchy vegetables originated from South Asia but now easily available everywhere. Use these greens in salads to enhance the raw factor of it.

Water Chestnuts


This plant is considered to use in most of the Chinese cuisine dishes, found in South Asia. This celery alternative grows underwater that defines its texture and definitive flavor. This vegetable can be a great substitute when making Woks.


It is an annual plant that comes in the family of “Asteraceae“. Lettuce is known for its distinct flavor and maximum usage in salads, as it can also be eaten raw. You would have probably eaten it in sandwiches and soups.



This plant is also known as Mexican Yam Bean or Mexico Potato or Mexican Turnip. As the name suggests, this is originated from Mexico. The foremost reason why it can be used as a substitute for celery because it provides crisp and juicy flavor in the food.

Substitute Of Celery For Flavor & Texture

Onion (Red, Yellow, or White)


Are you trying to add some texture in your special recipe of spaghetti bolognese?. You should try adding onions as an alternative for celery greens. This vegetable is also known as Bulb Onions, and come in the genus of “Allium.”


There is no ingredient available that provides a stronger flavor than garlic. Garlic is not only as a flavoring ingredient but also for making medicines globally. It can give you the perfect flavor as a substitution for celery root.

Fresh Chives

If you are looking for flattering the flavor in the soup and searching for a substitute for celery in soup, then your search is over with this flowering plant. The fascinating thing about this plant is that the leaves and flowers of the chives are edible and can be used in cooking.



The only past that is edible in these leeks is the leaves that are known as a “stem”. This plant appears in the “Allium” genus the same as onion, chive, garlic. It is helpful, especially when you are trying to prepare dishes like risottos and thinking about what to use instead of celery.

Bell Peppers

This ingredient is for the people who want to add a spicy element with the replacement for celery. As we acknowledge, this fruit of plants comes in varieties that include red, orange, green, white, yellow, and purple. These vegetables can be used as an ingredient or a side dish recipe.

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Substitute For Celery For Soup & Stew

Celery Seeds

These seeds have a definite value in the perfume industry because of is an essential oil. Moreover, you can easily use these small fruit seeds as a celery substitute for improving the taste of your soup and stews.

Celery Salt


Most people ask the question about Celery salt vs celery, what to choose? Celery salt is made from the extract of celery’s root and ordinary salt. This ingredient especially magnifies the taste of cocktails. You can simply use this mixture of salt and ground celery to make your soups even more appetizing.

Fennel Stalks

If you are finding a celery substitute that has a softer flavor compared to celery, then it would be the best alternative for you to use while making soups & stews.


It is an edible stem that is particularly known as “Celery Root.” However, keep in mind that you can only use this celery substitute for cooked celery recipes, you can’t use it as a raw alternative for celery, or it will ruin the taste of the dish.


If you want to use this vegetable as a substitute for celery in soup, then you have to add other above ingredients as well. Well, the combination of carrots and celery salt would give the quite flavor that you would expect in a soup.

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We hope that this list of celery substitutes answers your question of replacing celery with other ingredients. If you know any celery alternative, then tell us in the comment section below. Feel free to ask any questions if you have.

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