What Are Symptoms of Diabetes in Cats?

Diabetes is not only harmful to humans but also dangerous for cats. The most common diabetes in cats is known as “Feline Diabetes“.  The main reason for Diabetes Mellitus is the disorder that results when cells generate a defense to insulin, a hormone that will help eventually to the entry of glucose in your cat’s obese body. But What are the symptoms of diabetes in cats? And What is Feline Diabetes? Read below for complete information.

Can Cats Get Diabetes Mellitus?


Yes, cats can get diabetes. It’s a long-term condition that would eventually exhaust the energy of your kitty cat. If your cat is acting strangely for the past few days, the reason for this unusual behavior can be feline diabetes called diabetic cat behavior. This article will help you to find out how to tell if your cat has diabetes and know more about symptoms of diabetes in cats.

Signs Of Diabetes In Cats

Diabetic cat behavior can be changed immediately without your knowing so check your cat’s diabetes early signs. First, you have to check whether your cat has Type I diabetes or II. The most common diabetes is TYPE II diabetes found in over-sized cats. Although, Read below points to know about feline diabetes symptoms.

Excessive Urination & Thirst

The most common symptom found in diabetes mellitus in cats is the increasing amount of urination as well as thirst. This excessive thirst and urination are the highlight of the signs of high blood sugar in cats. This problem can also lead to kidney disease, liver disorders, or other severe health conditions.

Increased Hunger & Weight Loss

Many owners reportedly stated that their cats had been craving food more than before. The reason behind this is feline diabetes, as the cells of the body don’t consume glucose from the blood. That’s why the cat’s body should have depended on the food the owner gives. As you will witness in this period, the cat’s weight might also be losing because of constant burning fat as well as nutritious proteins.

Lost Interest & Can’t Jump

Just like humans, If your cat is diagnosed with diabetes mellitus then you can ultimately sense that the cat is sick and no more running around your house. Cat losses interest as well as the ability to jump. Check your cat’s activities, and if you sense something wrong then you should go to vet’s immediately.

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Weakness In Their Bodies

Diabetes can cause damage to the nerve system, that’s the reason for the frailty in your cat’s body. Your cat may appear weaker than usual. These late symptoms can cause harmful effects on your cat’s body.

How long can a cat live with diabetes untreated?

Treatment of these diabetic cats is necessary because of the blood glucose problem. Moreover, the cats would go for a couple of days without the treatment afterward, it can cause vomiting, extreme dehydration, relentless depression, coma, and lastly death. So, if you find out that your cat has diabetes mellitus, then you should immediately rush to the vet’s clinic. 

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We hope this article will help you to answer your question about can cats get diabetes and symptoms of diabetes in cats. Feel free to ask any questions in the comment section below.

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