What Is Tal Makhana or Fox nuts and Where does it come from?

Tal Makhana is a seed that comes from a plant, and it’s also known as Gorgon Nut as well as Euryale Ferox. Lotus seeds or fox nuts are words for Makhana in English. These Phool Makhanas are crunchy but tasteless food. Tal Makhanas usually made for snacks as it can be eaten after roasting it. They are thus, a form of healthy snacks.

Where is Tal Makhana Used?


Gorgon nuts are also used in Indian cuisine as it has positive health benefits on the human body. These tasteless nuts are used in famous Indian sweet dishes like Kheer, and it’s also being used while making Raita.

Where Does Tal Makhana Come From?

Tal Makhana comes from a plant that falls in the Nelumbo Genus. These Gorgun Nuts have a special place in Ayurveda, as well as in making medicines. If you don’t know what Nelumbo is, The other name of this aquatic plant is Lotus. That’s why it is also known as lotus seeds in India. Fox nut is profoundly harvested in the state known as Bihar (India). The harvest of Tal Makhana is a complicated method, and it takes a skillful worker to do that. That’s why Mallah Community only does the harvesting of makhanas in India. The Euryale Ferox is also produced in Japan, Korea, and some parts of Russia.

What Is Phool Makhana?

Phool Makhana is just another name of Lotus seeds, as I’ve already written in the article that it’s also known as Makhana, Tal Makhana, Lotus Seeds, Gorgon nut, and so on. Tal Makhana has a distinctive part in India as it is being consumed in the Hindu Religion Ceremonies. Phool Makhana comes from Lotus plant; that’s why it’s being eaten as a “Fasting” dish prepared in the Navratri festival.

Is Makhana And Lotus Seeds The Same?

Yes, Makhana and Lotus Seeds are the same, it’s just another name of seeds in English. Although according to the Indian journal, The Tal Makhana can be consumed after being processed. Yet, some people eat these lotus seeds raw.

We hope you got all the basic information about Phool makhana (called in India) or so-called fox nuts in English. If you want to get information on whether you should eat makhana during pregnancy and its benefits, you can check the linked article.

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