List of Common Things That Are Bitter

Most of the people don’t like the taste of bitter-tasting foods, as it does have an intense taste on your tongue respirators. However, these things that are bitter can be very healthy for your body despite having a bitter smell and taste. 

If you want to try these common foods that taste bitter and know more about it, we have prepared a list for you. We have not only added food items but also included beverages, ingredients, vegetables in the list of bitter foods. So, go through this descriptive bitter food lists to taste it out.

Common Things That are bitter in Taste

Matcha (Green Tea)


It is a fine powder of the green plant that is specially processed and can be found in East Asia. This fine green tea powder does have a bitter taste, but it is mainly consumed for meditation. This matcha is famously known using in the Japanese Tea Ceremony.



A flowering plant that comes under the Apiaceae family, commonly found in the Middle East, and India. These bitter-tasting foods are used after drying in the cuisines, as well as used as a form of medicine also.



Don’t confuse yourselves with the gentle aroma of this flowering plant, as it does come in the list of bitter foods because of the taste of it. It is a native plant of Indonesia and commonly used as a spice to enhance the taste of any meal.

What foods are bitter?



A flowering plant that is also known as Sparrow grass, or garden asparagus. Although, it is a flowering plant it included in the bitter vegetable list of this article as per the taste of it. It is also used as a source of medicine due to the diuretic properties.



This plant is famously known as French artichoke, consumed as a vegetable. Some of the countries used this vegetable to make herbal tea but the flavor of the tea is not for everyone due to bitterness and woody taste.  



A liquid form of a solution, acetic acid, and other chemicals to form flavoring in food recipes. There are several kinds of vinegar that you can find in the market as different flavors in it. Most of these kinds of vinegar are bitter in taste, and that’s why it is being added in a list of bitter foods.



An alcoholic drink made from fermenting process in grapes with the main ingredients as yeast and sugar. Many people believe that if they decant wine slowly in the glass the bitterness might decrease from it. This alcoholic drink is mainly consumed for the intoxication effects of it. 

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A vegetable that belongs to a group of cabbage, found in Asia and Mediterranean. As it belongs to the cabbage family, you can also consume the leaves of it. However, some kinds of kale are also used as ornaments. Although, the taste of kale includes the bitter food list. 

Sencha Tea


The most popular Japanese green tea that is processed in hot water. Although, the flavor and taste of it change as per the season. So, you wouldn’t have to bear the bitterness every time.

Common bitter Foods

Dark Chocolate


A different kind of chocolate that contains cocoa solids, cocoa butter. The health standards of using cocoa in chocolate may vary as per the country. These things taste bitter mainly because there is no milk portion in it like normal chocolate. So, if you are trying to find a healthier option of eating chocolate then this might be it.



The most popular drink in the world is a beverage made from brewed coffee beans (Prepared, Roasted). These beans are picked after they turn green to red, describes its ripeness. 



How can we forget to add this bitter-tasting food? It is a vine that comes in the Cucurbitaceae family, commonly found in Asia, Africa. This edible fruit is used in many cuisines in Asia, also known as Bitter gourd or bitter squash. 

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We hope that this article answers your question about what tastes bitter? and help you get some insights into things that are bitter in taste. Do tell us your thoughts and eating experience in the comment section below.

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