11 Best Things That Are British

Are you wondering about what are the things that are British? Then, you arrived at the right place. We have prepared a list that consists of things associated with Britain including Bands, Food items, Monuments, Car Companies, and more. Read the article through the end to get all the insights about these British things easily. 

Things That are British

The Beatles


A well known English rock band was established in 1960 in Liverpool. This group includes John Lennon, Paul Mccartney, George Harrison, and Ringo Starr. This band considered the most influential band at their time, and many people considered this as of now too. They also know as the name of “The Fab Four”, as they are four talented members in the group that changed the genre of rock altogether with versatility.  

Crisps (Potato Chips)


It is the same potato chips but in the language of British and Irish English known as Crisps. These British things are thin slices of potato that deep-fried or baked to make it crunchy, as we all like it. To add the basic flavor manufactures add salt into it, that can be eaten as a snack all around the world mostly with other beverages.



A food spread made with yeast extract, although it is invented by a German scientist named “Justus von Liebig”. But we have to consider this as a thing associated with Britain because it was made in the United Kingdom. If you haven’t heard of this British item then you would have probably heard of Australian Vegemite, which is a similar product of this marmite. 

Big Ben


Many people don’t know but the name big ben is just another nickname of the great bell tower. The original name of this tower is the clock tower, and it was changed in 2012 as Elizabeth Tower. Back in the day, this big clock tower was considered the largest and most perfect time telling tower in the entire world. 

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Oxford University


A famous university that has been associated with Britain since 1096, as it is the oldest English speaking university all around the world. Not only that but this British university also operates the world’s oldest museum with the largest university press in the world. All that but this great university has no exact foundation date till now. 



It is a game that is played with bat and ball and between two teams each with eleven players in it. The rules are simple, as the batting side would score runs with hitting the ball with bat and scoring run against the other team. Whereas, other team tries to dismiss the batsman with the ball hitting wickets. 

Rolls Royce Motors


A British luxurious car manufacturer company was established in 1973. However, in 1998 Vickers sold the Rolls-Royce motors company to the Volkswagen group who had a bid of £430m. These British cars is the marque of luxury that only rich and royal people can have it.



It is a chocolate bar made originally by Mars company with a biscuit inside the chocolate bar giving its true crunchiness with the goodness of chocolate. These chocolate bars are considered British things as these are made in the United Kingdom in 1967. 



A British public service broadcaster that is the world’s oldest broadcaster with the 22,000 staff. This British broadcasting service is established under the royal charter that works with collecting an annual television license fee charged to all British households. However, the revenue of the BBC comes from BBC Studios which currently sells BBC programs all around the world.  

London Eye 


It is an observation wheel situated in London near River Thames, also known as the Millennium Wheel. If you ever go to London then this might be the place that you have to see as it is the most popular paid tourist attraction in the entire United Kingdom. In this march, This building celebrated its birthday with 20 great and big years with making millions of people happy. 

Morris Motor Limited


It was a Motor vehicle manufacturing company established in 1919 in Britain. The only goal of creating this company is to take over the past assets of William Morris’s Motor vehicle and continue its productions of cars. However, this motor vehicle company merge with other companies to share the components and parts to make other automobiles like Hindustan Motors, BMW, and more.

We hope that this list of Britain things would help you to know more about the information about The United Kingdom and its history. Do tell us your questions and queries in the comment section below. 

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