Things That Are Fragile and Break Easily

There is one specific thing about a human mind, as we allow ourselves to search for intriguing and exciting things. As of today, we were searching for things that are fragile (Delicate items) and prepared a list of things that break easily for you. This list includes things, everyday objects, unique items that are delicate and break easily on touching or falling, even from a short distance.

Things that are Fragile



It is a substance that is usually made of gas. These objects are delicate and tear easily, as soon as touch another solid surface. 



An aerosol is made of frozen crystals, liquid droplets, and other present particles in the atmosphere. These things are like air but with the liquid molecules, that’s why it is in the fragile items list. The name of the cloud from the old English meaning “mass of rock”, as in rainy season clouds looks like exactly like big rocks.



A structure formatted by the spider itself for catching prey in the web, also known as “Cob Web.” These things can break easily as you touch it. However, these fragile objects are known to have existed for more than 100 million years. 


An edible plant that comes under the Musa genus. Some countries do know them with the name of “Plantains” which are dessert bananas. These fruits are delicate and tear easily if you hold it tightly in your hands. 

Try it on your own.


A sweet creamy filling that is made of sugar with water or milk, sometimes with other ingredients like eggs, butter, cheese, and more. These fragile things are made to cover the baked foods like cakes and cookies. The icing makes these items extra tasty with the sweetness.

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Wine Glass


As the name suggests, it a glass made for drinking wine consisting of three parts, bowl, stem, and foot. Many people believe that these certain shapes of glasses make wine more flavorful and zest but there are not any facts upholding this information.

However, these things are delicate and can tear up easily, as the surface of the glass is brittle and thin. When someone says name something that is fragile, the glass comes to our mind first.


It is the most fragile thing in the world that we had found in the world. In fact, if you are reading this article aloud then you are breaking it right now. It’s a good thing that can give you more insights from the things nearby.

Dandelion Puff


Dandelion is a flowering plant that comes under the Asteraceae family. The plant does have flowers and puffs in the branches, especially puffs are very fragile and can tear up easily if you touch or even blow on it.

Tissue Paper

These things that are delicate are made from recycled paper pulp, using for hygienic uses as well as paper towels. 



A single crystal ice flake that gains its size in the atmosphere, and then becomes as snow. These things are very fragile and turn into water droplets as soon as it touches any surface.

Snail Shell

A body part of a snail that protects from dangerous predators and external dangers as well. Many people believe these things are delicate and sensitive. 

Egg Yolk


It is the round yolk found in the egg, that works as a primary function for the development of the embryo. However, some eggs don’t have these yolk part in it. These things break quickly if you touch them or make a hole in them.


It is a square-shaped food item that is basically made from flour, water, butter, and other ingredients, would taste savory or sweetened. The surface of pastries is delicate and can break easily if you hold it tightly. 

That ends our list of things that are fragile including all the delicate objects like food items, natural, man-made items, and more. Do tell us what do you consider as the most fragile thing in the world in the comments.

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