Top 13 Things That Are Gold

The gold color is considered as the color of achievement, success, luxury, prestige, quality, and other many more things. However, we never would have felt these things with the golden color if this golden painted stuff weren’t associated with wealth and fame all along. 

We have made a list of things that are gold in color and made from gold to give you more perspective about these things. We have included gold painted items, jewelry, and also objects made from real gold in our list.

Things That Are Gold in Colour or Made of Gold

1. Jewelry


The collection of decorative things that are made of gold, silver, platinum, and more. Some types of jewelry are made from gemstones combined with the gold mineral. These decorative ornaments are considered the oldest archaeological artifact. 

2. Coronet


These gold items are also known as the small crown, as the shape of the crown fixing ornaments on a metal ring. Sometimes, these rings were made of gold, but they mostly use metal to build it. These things were made for a king, queen, nobleman, or lady.

3. Locket


The gold objects that are produced for giving to loved ones, also known as a “Pendant.” These items usually hold a photograph of your loved one in the reveling space in the locket. This gold-painted stuff is usually worn around the neck.

4. Medal


If you have ever seen the Olympic event, then you have probably seen these things made of gold. Not all the players can win it, only the best would get the gold medal in the particular competition. These gold objects normally come in disc format and small in size.

5. Coin


How can we forget to add the item that we used daily?. These items are not made of gold but some governments try to paint these in gold color, but they are usually made from metal or alloy.

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6. Chandelier


Have you heard about ornaments for ceilings?. These girandoles are the things that are golden in color, serves the purpose of lighting, and ornament to your ceiling or wall. Some chandeliers include prisms for illuminating light in the whole room with just limited bulbs.

7. Gold leaf


It is a form of gold in thin sheets that have been used for gilding. These things made of gold are commonly used to decorate, statues, picture frames, paintings, and more, after gilding. 

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8. Amulet


These gold items are considered as a good luck charm and can be worn around the neck. Many people think that it can help you against the deadly evil eye of the possessor. 

9. Gold Paint


There are various types of metallic gold colors available that can display the shine of real gold on non-gold items. This golden painted stuff can replicate the properties of real gold with the glow of the color.

10. Tiles


An object made from ceramic stone, metal, glass, clay, and other similar items for covering roofs, floors. walls, etc. These tiles are also available in the gold color, for the people who want to feel wealthy, and prestigious. 

11. Fountain Pen


As the name suggests, these items are used for writing with the help of ink. The interesting part about the fountain pen is the nib of it. These nibs are generally gold plated and that’s why it is in the list of things that are gold.

12. Laptop


As the evolution of technology arrived, the size of different gadgets became smaller and smaller. Not just the size of it, but style and customizability too. Days are gone for black and white, whereas tech companies are making these items in the color of gold, and silver to get more attention from the customers.  

13. Hilt Of A Sword

The hilt is nothing but the handle of a sword with the guard, grip, and pommel so the person can hold it nicely and firmly. These hilts were made from gold because it was the only metal that was available back then.

We hope that these things that are gold gave you some information about the gold color and its properties. Feel free to ask questions in the comment section below.

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