13 Things That are Sharp And Pointy

In this post, we have made a list of all things that are sharp. The list includes sharp and pointy things – including objects, items, and animals too. We hope you get whatever you’re looking for from this list.

The meaning of a word can change as per the association with other things. Take an example of the word “Sharp”, as it can be a sharp thing or a sound. In this list, we have included things that have great edge or pointy ends.

Things That are Sharp and Edgy

Rotary Cutter


A sharp object that is used for mainly cutting fabric materials with the blade that rotates. That’s the reason for the name of the rotary cutter. These blades are very sharp and can be resharpened as per the usage of the person. These things go back to 1979 when it was introduced by the Olfa company for garment cutting.

Electric Shaver


It is a shaver as probably all of the people know, that doesn’t require shaving cream or water to shave the hair. The working of these sharp items is as same as the above one, as it rotates the blade with the installed Dc motor.



A weapon is longer than a knife, and dagger but does the same job with the sharp pointy ends of it. These blades are attached to the hilt to give a proper grip for using it. People believe that swords are the result of the evolution of daggers in The Bronze Age.



A marine fish that is also known as PorcupineFish. This fish is the part of the Tetraodontidae family that includes similar species of these fish. The similar names of these pufferfish are “Blowfish”, or “BubbleFish.” The most of species of these fish are poisonous and use their defense mechanism of blowing up in the water to scare off the predators.



Sharp-bladed scalpels are usually used for medical surgeries, dissections, and more. There are two types of Scalpel available for usage One time usable and re-usable. Whereas a one-time usable scalpel might not remain sharp after the sharpness wears off but with the other one that is possible. The scalpel is made of Stainless Steel or High Carbon Steel.



This tool is used for shaping or cutting wood but before it was used as a weapon to defend. Efforts of cutting wood can be reduced by half with these sharp objects, as these items are made with the dual wedge with a wooden handle to give a tight grip. However, In the stone age, people used these without the handle.



An anteater covered with spines and coarse on the back of it, that’s why it is also known as Spiny Anteaters all around the world. It is the only species of mammals that lay eggs beside the platypus. These sharp speared animals evolved before 20 million years ago. 

Barbed Wire


It is a type of fencing wire to surround for securing the property. These sharp items could be the inexpensive choice as to if you don’t want to get the fences. These things are usually used in farms to stop stray animals to go and ruin the crops.

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A spiny plant that comes in the Cactaceae family that grows automatically in dry environments like deserts. The name of cactus is derived from the Latin Language, kaktos which means the plant with spines.



Another item that you would use probably daily. These things are shearing tools that can be operated with hands. These sharp items are made with two sharpened slides against each other to cut any item easily.



It is a tool possibly made with a blade, chain, or wire to cut any material or object. These objects contain a toothed sharp blade with a plastic handle for the grip so you can cut through objects by moving them on the object forcefully.

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One type of rodents with sharp quills, or spines on the back to protect themselves. This animal comes under the Erethizontidae family. The defense mechanism of these creatures depends on the sound or scent of the predators. However, most of the species of porcupines are color blind and nocturnal.



The knife comes to our mind first in the list of sharp objects. It is a tool with a sharp blade attached to a wooden, plastic, or steel handle for holding. It is considered as one of the oldest tools made and used by mankind before 2 million years ago. Moreover, at that time knives were made with wood, stone, or bone. 

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That ends the sharp objects list with objects that you use every day alongside the addition of animals that are sharp around the world. Let’s give you a challenge, Could you name any one sharp thing that you use daily in the comment section below?

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