Things That Are Shiny – A Complete List

The human brain works mysteriously. Have you ever thought about why your brain likes to see and have shiny things? This is a mystery that researchers were trying to solve that why does our brain attract to shiny stuff? Well, this post is all about things that are shiny.

The studies suggest that it all depended on our primal need for water and thirstiness. Seems weird, isn’t it? We prepared a descriptive list of things that are shiny. We have included all types of objects, materials, and things that shine bright. Go through the post and tell us your thoughts, whether do you feel thirsty or not.

List of Things That are Shiny



In the list of things that shine, how can we forget to add this one? Diamond is a solid carbon element that arranges a crystal structure known as “Diamond Cubic.” These shiny diamonds have the highest hardness and thermic conductivity that you can find in any natural object.


A non-crystalline, solid transparent object that shines when the sun-rays hit the surface of it. These objects are man-made except the “Volcanic Glass.”



It is known as “Girandole”, and “Candelabra Lamps”, These things are used as ornamental and decoration purposes either on walls or ceilings.

A long time ago, chandeliers used to have glass prisms to decorate the room with reflected light.


A natural mineral that shines in yellow-colored shade. The 24k gold is the purest you can get. Usually, people buy 22k, 18k, and so on because of the softness property of pure 24k gold.



A round piece of metal that comes in all sizes. These objects are produced by the government’s policies as a currency. You can find the difference between its value, and sizes.


A technique to make any metal shine is called chrome plating. Sometimes, the procedure needs to be done for the sake of hardness, resistance, or ease cleansing.

Nut & Bolt


Bolts are known as a fastener, and nuts are known as a fastener with a threaded hole in it. Both items come together, to keep things together.


A chemical natural element that does have a color of silver. The name of this shiny stuff comes from Spanish as Platino, Means “Little Silver.”

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Wind Chimes

An instrument made from tubes, bells, and rods. As the name suggests, the combination of these shiny stuff chimes when the wind hits them. It is used as an ornament that people hang outside of their houses.

Stainless Steel


A composition that holds various types of natural elements like chromium, metal, and more. These shiny objects are used in many industries like food, automobiles, architecture, and so on with various usages.

Nail Polish

An enamel that makes your nails shiny, that’s why it is also known as Nail Enamel or Nail Varnish. It is always used for decorating and protecting the nail plates, used usually by women and girls.


A natural element that does the job for the conductivity of the electricity as well as heat. The metals are used to make the most of the shiny stuff, like kitchen utensils, automobiles’ parts, weapons, and more.

This ends our list of things that shine bright, What do you think is the best thing that shines? Do tell us your thoughts and queries in the comment section below. If you love to know more about various objects, check out our list of things that are circular and things that are smooth.

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