List of Things That Are Smooth

We have generated a list of things that are smooth to improve your knowledge on this topic. The list includes smooth objects, materials, items, fruits, and more. Read the full article to know all about things that are smooth in texture.

Complete List Of Smooth Things

Below are the names of the smooth materials and objects along with their pictures and descriptions to give you more ideas about the items.

Tin Foil

These smooth objects are made by rolling or hammering hard metals to form a thin sheet. These sheets are made from copper, tin, gold, and aluminum. As we all know, tin foil is used in our household. Moreover, it can also be used as a blanket to reduce the effects of hypothermia.


Whenever you are thinking about something that is smooth, silk comes to mind. It is a natural fiber that comes from insect larvae that build into a cocoon. These insects that create these smooth materials are known as “Silkworms.”

Phone Screen


With the evolution of mobiles, you wouldn’t find a single person without a smartphone in their hands on the streets. Many people forget to consider these smooth objects that contain a shiny, sleek screen on the front.


I think you’ve probably already broken cups accidentally many times because of the smooth textures of them. It’s a container that used for holding liquids like tea and coffee.



An object that shapes either in square or rectangular that used for wall and ceiling purposes. The word tile arrives from the Latin word tegula, which means “Roof.” The smooth textures of tiles are commonly made of ceramic material but people also make them from glass or concrete.


If you are looking for things that have smooth textures, then that smooth objects can be tomatoes. These vegetables originated in America. Tomatoes are known for their tangy flavor all over in the world.



Another type of fabric that checks off the list of things that are smooth in texture is Satin. The material of satin contains the glossy and sleek surface. There could be many variations that can be made from satin material like Textile Weaves, Plaine Weaves, Twill, and more.

In the past times, these smooth materials can only be made from silk which was quite expensive to have, that’s why only upper-class people can afford to wear these objects that are smooth.

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They are found in your mouth. If we collect teeth samples from other creatures, all would have some variation in them based on if the animal is herbivorous or carnivorous. However, the thing that makes them similar is smoothness in the texture of it. These small & sharp parts do have a smooth texture, that’s why it considered in this list.


A dessert made from gelatin, that first found in the book “The art of cookery” by Hannah Glasse. The exciting thing about these smooth items is that it’s only made from the mixture of water and gelatin.

Bowling Ball


A hard circular but the smooth object used for playing pin bowling. They contain three holes for 3 fingers to roll the boll for depositing for falling the bottles. These balls are usually made from metal but now the companies are also making these from polyester plastic.


Glass is a transparent item that is mainly used for decorative purposes. Eg.- windows panels, tableware, and more. These objects that are smooth are man-made from the rapid cooling technique. Well, some glasses are also naturally made from volcanic magma.


These metal objects have smooth textures on the surface of them, also an element that helps to conduct heat and electricity with the surface of it. Metal could be anything from stainless steel to iron.


It’s a solid-state form of water, the whole procedure of forming it into ice happens from water frozen. Ice has looks of transparent or blue color.



Mirror, the object that reflects the things that on the glass. That’s why one of the names of the mirror is “reflector.” These smooth objects would give the same mirror image of yourself if you are looking at it.

That ends our list of things that are smooth, we hope that these smooth items delighted you. Do tell us if you have more smooth items in mind, we are glad to add those to our list and please our readers.

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