[Ultimate List] Things that are Square Shaped

There are many things that are square in the world that we see in the house daily but don’t really notice. This article provides you the details of those things shaped like a square to give you an insight into it. Read and tell us which flat square, as well as cube objects, do you use daily?

In this descriptive list with pictures, we have covered all objects, items, things, food that are box-shaped or cube-shaped because they are three-dimensional forms of the square.

Pizza Box


The box-shaped things that were made of cardboard to package the savory pizzas. After the invention of these boxes, it was easy to package the pizza and after that takeaway and home delivery’s demand increased.



It is a square cloth used in restaurants and households to wipe the mouth and fingers while eating. The name of these square things came from Middle English.



A routine food item that you apparently aware of the shape of it. The bread is prepared from flour and water with the baking technique. This staple food item is considered the oldest made food that we know of right now.

Post-It Note


It is also known as “Sticky Note” because of the strip of glue on the back, so you can stick these square notes anywhere. The first Post-It Note was introduced in 1997.

QR Code


It’s a label that can be read by machines to contain the data of most websites and applications. It uses 4 standard encoding techniques to contain the data for the locator. identifier, and tracker.

CD Case


These square packaging objects are used for the protection of Compact Discs(CD) from the scratches. As we know that the CD’s surface contains the data, and it must not have scratches to access the data. This important work was done by these CD cases back from 1982.

Keyboard Keys


If you are looking for this article on a PC or Laptop, you would probably see the example of things that are square. From the beginning, these small keyboard keys come in a square shape, but now manufacturers try various keyboard layouts like circle-shaped keys and more.

Ice Cube


A small piece of ice that looks like things that are square or rectangular in shape. These cold objects are generally used to put in beverages, with the ice-making accessory in the refrigerator.

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Floppy Disc


It is a type of storage device that was used at the beginning of the 21st Century. These storage devices came square in shape with various sizes like 8inch, 5-1/4 inch, and more.

Rubiks Cube


A puzzle cube that was invented by Erno Rubik in 1974. As you can see these cube-shaped objects’ names came from the inventor. These magic cubes are played as a puzzle game to aline all the colors of white, red, blue, orange, green, and yellow.



It is one type of gameboard for playing chess. These things usually come in square-shaped objects in plywood or chipboard. The combination of colors is usually black and white, where one player chooses white and one black.

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We hope that this list of things that are square-shaped draws attention to routine box-shaped things that we see during the day but do not notice. Do tell us if you have any questions and queries regarding this article in the comment section below.

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